You Tired Of Losing And Feeling Lost When You Play Street Fighter Are You Sick Of Getting Beat Down Almost Every Time You Play Do You Struggle Against Other Players That You Feel You Should Be Beating Do You Want To Step Your Game Up And Destroy The Competition When Street FighterDrops If So, Simplifying Street Fighter Is A Guide Designed For You, The Newcomer, To Hone Your Skills In Street FighterSo You Can Be Better Prepared For Street FighterWhen It ß Simplifying Street Fighter ☆ Download by È gootecks Releases InIf You Re Like Most Players, You Struggle With Nearly Every Aspect Of The Game Offense, Defense, Execution And Combos, And Generally Having A Game Plan That Is Complex Than Just Mashing Buttons At Every Opportunity A Road Map Toward Improvement Street Fighter Is A Game That Requires Practice, Finesse, And Knowledge Unfortunately, Most Players Don T Have Any Guidance On Where To Begin When Learning The Game Which Leads To Lots Of Frustration And Losses This Guide Is Designed To Give You A Road Map For Improving Your Skills So That When SF Drops You Can Hit The Ground Running Lots Of Players Are Under The Misconception That Since SF Is A Brand New Game, There S No Point In Playing SF And Improving While It Is True That There Will Be Lots To Learn In SF Such As New Engines And Characters, This Is Not A Reason Not To Improve On Your Street Fighter Fundamentals In The Meantime The Importance Of A Solid Foundation Like Anything Else Worth Doing In Life, Developing A Foundation Of Solid Fundamentals Is The Key To Improving Even Though SF Will Have Brand New Characters And Mechanics, The Core Elements Of Street Fighter Remain The Same Throughout The Franchise Execution, Footsies And Space Control, Combos, Punishing, And Resource Management Are Important In All Street Fighter Games And This Guide Will Show You How To Use SF To Improve On These Aspects Of Your Game Who Is Gootecks And Why Should I Bother I Ve Played Street Fighter Competitively Since , Starting With Street Fighter III Rd Strike And Continuing With Street FighterI Ve Traveled To Compete In Tournaments Around The World, Including Places Like Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, And EuropeA Lot Of People May Know Me As The Co Host Of Excellent Adventures Of Gootecks Mike Ross, Or Perhaps From My Work On Cross Counter TV, The Entertainment Network For Fighting Game FansRecently, I Ve Begun Training Players Just Like Yourself Through Cross Counter Training, Where Players Like EGJustin Wong, EGK Brad, Alex Myers Are Available For Helping Players Of All Skill Levels Improve Through Working With My Students, I Ve Developed What I Believe To Be An Extremely Effective Method Of Learning How To Play Street Fighter This Method Is Based On The Idea Of Learning One Tiny Aspect Of The Game At A Time Through The Eyes Of The Poster Boy Of Street Fighter, Ryu But Ryu Is Boring, Gootecks I Know, I Know, You Think Ryu Is Boring And Everybody Plays Him And You Want To Play A Cool, Flashy Character So You Can Style On People On Stage At Evo Someday Unfortunately, You Ll Need To Learn How To Walk Before You Can Run And There Is No Better Investment Of Time As A New Player Than To Learn Ryu In Order To Build A Strong FoundationTaking This Time Now To Develop Your Fundamentals Will Serve You Well As You Transition To Street FighterRyu Is Definitely Different In SF, But The Tools And Concepts You Ll Learn In This Guide Will Give You A Leg Up On The Competition When SF Drops Great for beginner street fighter playersMust read if your getting into street fighter It teaches you the basics to make you a better player overall.
Amazing read A simple way to learn street fighter and take your game to the next level A must have for anyone who loves fighting games.
This book is a short read and a manual which holds your hand as you dip your feet in the fighting game genre Worthwhile.
É Simplifying Street Fighter ¿ excellent starting point for sf5 and fighting games in general Good startIt s a great book for starting out and goes over a lot of info you should know At the end of the day though practice and hard work are the lessons this book gives you.
Good book form good man Seriously useful if like me you want to lay waste to your adversaries at your weekly Street Fighter tournaments you need this book It is well written and is a good companion to tutorial videos if you reof a reader.
You have to dothan read though to get the full benefits though it is all about practice and toiling in the training room but this definitely helps.

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