Book, First Published InIn A Highly Edited Version, Quickly Became A Modern Spiritual Classic, read By Millions And Translated Into Over Fifty Five Languages John Clarke S Acclaimed Translation, First Published In , Is Now Accepted As The Standard Throughout The English Speaking ☆ L'Histoire d'une Âme ☆ Download by é Thérèse de Lisieux World Began reading this book a little begrudgingly as St Therese of Lisieux just never really appealed to me My opinion was that she was spoiled and had an easy life, so what would she have to offer me Well, this is one of my favorite books The first few chapters I had to drag myself through, after that it was smooth sailing She had such a practical and easy outlook on life and holiness, very much like St Josemaria Escriva that it s through the small, every day events in our lives that we can grow as people and attain holiness and eventually union with God Just very practical guidance.
I can t remember the first time I read this but I think it was in high school Dear St Th r se was my Confirmation saint so I wanted to read her autobiography I remember being blown away by her simple and yet powerful approach to sanctity It IS the Gospel so gentle, humble, meek and Christian and not even difficult in a way except that I kept forgetting to live it Then as I got older, I confess I sort of forgot about this book and my patron saint I even came to think that she was too young for me She died in her mid twenties so what could she have known or written which could be of help to a wife and mother, someone living the active life out in our modern world Everything I reread her book a few years ago and it spoke to my

Well this book has been such an emotional experience for me I guess I have now come full circle from my early childhood version of God magical nice fatherly fellow who granted wishes and protection from evil to my early adulthood and also completely wrong notion of God angry father who didn t love me, but seemed to reward evildoers to my later notion of their not being a God at all That was the only way I could explain the horrors of the modern world, the evils I learned of on the nightly news that broke my heart and cost me my faith How surprising to learn that this great saint had the same low spots as me, the same doubts She pulled thru and so have I It s a shame that it s mostly just catholics who read of the lives of saints We can learn so much by being open to others experiences I am also pleased to read in this autobio that so much of the methods I learned from the Buddha were I have always heard of her and didn t know what to make of her I read quotes here and there and didn t catch my attention much Since I have begun reading her autobiography, I have been completely absorbed and taken by every words she writes and I feel like she is sitting in front of me like a bosom friend telling me her story in all purity, in all simplicity, in an extremely natural manner Sometimes you read the Saints and you end up feeling they are way up there but not so with our beloved Th r se who is every bit as human as she can be I read a part of the book and I feel like I really miss her and I want to go back to her to hear her talking someto me Reading just excerpts of her quotes will not do her justice or help you know and meet the real Th r se You HAVE to read

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