An enjoyable read I liked the characters and thought the plot inventive but I felt the ending a little rushed.
Don t really know what to say about this book I thought I was getting immersed in a story about how 2 mother have to deal 15 years later with an error committed by the hospital where their daughters were switched at birth I expected morale conflict, family decisions, etc And although you get some of this in The Lying Game you also get a good number of very explicit sexual scenes that don t really go with the story I mean, why are these scenes described to the detail There isn t really a point in it Maybe I missed that this was in fact this kind of book This book started really well and I was drawn into the plot of the baby mix up at birth However I thought that Zoey and Nell going to visit America was the turning point and the book just went completely downhill from there view spoiler All the adult characters became ridiculous caricatures of themselves Harriet in particular was hateful and selfish Zoey went from being free spirited and turning down Richards proposal again to being completely pathetic and needy Oliver went from charming to sleazy, and I didn t buy into his character manfully admitting his part in everything The daughters got barely any attention which I thought was a down point as it affected their lives quite dramatically And the finale I really believe killing Zoey was the cowards way out and completely unnecessary Harriet, if possible, was St vaj sa tak pr pady, kedy v nemocnici zamenia deti Niekedy sa na to pr de sk r, niekedy nesk r a niekedy v bec V tomto pr behu na to pr de matka z jednej zamenen ch det po p tn stich rokoch Harriet si dlh roky nevedela n js cestu k svojej dc re Florence Kraj a bezkonfliktn vz ah mala sk r so svojimi dvomi synmi Florence si zas v borne rozumela so svoj m otcom Neo ak val od nej prive a, bral ju tak ak je O jej matke to ale poveda nemohla Kl dla na u vysok n roky, neust le ju za nie o buzerovala, upozor ovala ju a d vala jej k zania v t le toto nesmie , toto m e a pod Akoby mala neust le es rokov a nie p tn s Po tom, ako sa zran pri behu v kole, ocitne sa v nemocnici Ke e je potrebn aj transf zia krvi, Harriet za na ma podozrenie, e die a, ktor 9 mesiacov nosila v bruchu a 15 rokov piplala, nie je jej die a A rozhodne sa vyp tra pravdu.
A naozaj Zis uje, e Flo Harriet Lockwood loves her daughter Florence, but has never bonded with her, though she bonded instantly with her three sons from birth Harriet never got along with Florence, and one day she claims to realize why After an accident occurs, Harriet gets a DNA test done against Florence It comes back stating that Florence is not the biological child of Harriet and Oliver s.
Harriet now knows why she never bonded with Florence, she did not give birth to her and there is no natural connection there as it was with her three boys Harriet tracks down her biological daughter Nell, whom she instantly refers to as her daughter On the flip side, Zoey, Florence s biological mother, initially has a completely different reaction to the situation than Harriet di

I love reading this book so much It had a purpose behind the story that was in it The purpose was how a small mistake can leads to a big one, and how one lie can cause a huge problem that can not be solved It teaches a person how to be honest and say the truth no matter what The theme behind this book was traditional and familiar because most fiction books now a day share the same theme but few authors can actually make the story interesting All the events that happened in the story was interesting and somehow twisted and the end was shocking and unexpected.
Õ The Lying Game Õ It all started great I was intrigued and couldn t stop listening audiobook it made my work hours rush by Then as it progressed, the adult characters suddenly changed a lot and became very childish, or at least, very out of their starting characters I didn t particularly like them when they were like that and the focus was completely taken from the children, whom the book should probably concentrateon.
The worst part was probably killing Zoey, I mean come on, what an easy thing to do What a way to have it all come together It was just too much I was actually quite interested in how the author would wriggle her way out of that one and then she just killed of the character Really That just wasn t really what I thought or hoped for.
this was such a disappointment i felt bored at times I was so disappointed with this book I ve been looking for good multi narrator novels, and Tess Stimson handles multi narrator tales quite well The book started off very well, expertly paced, with well detailed, believable characters I enjoyed the story, about two babies switched accidentally in a London hospital, and the choices to be made when the families one still in London, one now living in the US discover the truth fifteen years later Up to the reunion and the layers of complications, I was fully invested in the story Without giving details of the story away, this book fell apart for me from the Maine trip on Characters can certainly make bad choices, but as a reader, I need to understand their motivations I felt that the events were happe Are Some Things We Are Never Meant To KnowHarriet Lockwood Has Never Really Bonded With Her Daughter, Florence, The Way She Has With Her Three Sons Then One Day, She Discovers Why The Girl She S Raised For The Last Fifteen Years Is Not Her Biological ChildZoey Sands Is A Single Mother With A Chaotic Lifestyle The One Constant In Her Life Is Her Daughter, Nell Nothing Can Ever Come Between Them Can It When Harriet Turns Up On Zoey S Doorstep Demanding To See Her Biological Daughter, Trailer ¿ The Lying Game PDF by ¸ Tess Stimson The Two Families Are Plunged Into A Storm Of Bitter Rivalries And Unexpected Alliances

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