the last 3 stories added an extra star to this.
All and all this one could be a nostalgia to many, those who are fond of Ajji s stories but if you are really hoping for a moral after the story that is definitely missing.
If you are teenager, hop onto anotherProbably this, you can use to narrate to your kids Very Easy English and Good read.
Grandma Opens Her Bag Of Stories, Everyone Gathers AroundWho Can Resist A Good Story, Especially When It S Being Told By Grandma From Her Bag Emerges Tales Of Kings And Cheats, Monkeys And Mice, Bears And Gods Here Comes The Bear Who Ate Some Really Bad Dessert And Got Very Angry A Lazy Man Who Would Not Put Out A Fire Till It Reached His Beard A Princess Who Got Turned Into An ↠´ read Grandmas Bag Of Stories by Sudha Murty ↠´ Onion A Queen Who Discovered Silk, And Many Weird And Wonderful People And AnimalsGrandma Tells The Stories Over Long Summer Days And Nights, As Seven Children Enjoy Life In Her Little Town The Stories Entertain, Educate And Provide Hours Of Enjoyment To Them So Come, Why Don T You Too Join In The Fun read some 50 pagesto go.
Cute stories.
Wish I had all this in childhood.
ë Grandmas Bag Of Stories ✓ What a wonderful book Childhood is the stage when you are oblivious of the stresses The fortunate ones are in the company of Grandparents, who are guiding them, chiding them whenever their actions border on irritation, narrating them fables and stories However, not all are so lucky to have received the umbrage of such encompassing love and care This is where this book comes into play All along, the reader feels as if somebody old, somebody close and related, is narrating stories with loving care Such is the writing that whatever be your age, you get mesmerized by the simplicity of stories Yet, you learn the message of the story, the import of which is bound to leave your conscious with lasting impression Thanks a lot Sudha maam.
Count me in as one delectable transports you to the carefree childhood days and leaves you wondering why we ever grew up.
Children enjoy a special bond with grandparents and stories have a big part to play it s the stories that fill long dull days with excitement, drive curiosity and encourage reflection stories have always been the simplest and most effective means to build character, introduce values and traditions and provide simple insights to the realities and challenges of life Just the thought of sitting down to hear a grandma story is enough to take you back in time The book is an easy read but the stories are nothing special I have enjoyed a far better collection of stories that are not justenjoyable but also provide simple but meaningful lessons for life and I think I have over the last decade or so enjoyed farthe countless stories that my father has been sharing with his grandchildren if only we turned his collection into a book

When you are little, stories form a big part of your life More often than not, your parents or grandparents would tell you stories with those happy endings and daring deeds, with a moral to show you good things happen to good people Sudha Murty s book, Grandma s bag of stories, is a refreshing read for anyone, any age It has those memories of childhood for us who aren t kids any It s put in a tone that you d remember your grandparents telling the stories in And it makes you want to go back to those days Beautifully written book, a very enjoyable experience reading it Review at my blog Good Stories which are important not only for children but also for the adults like us Sudha Murty writes awesome stories which reminds us of our childhood and our villages.

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