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I so much enjoyed playing all the songs while reading his descriptions.
It was like listening to them all anew.
As good as they all are, this book made them better for the most part anyways.

The interviews and capturing of the scenes in the life of this very special band are likewise illuminating, almost like you're travelling with KC.
I almost cried over Fripp's heartbreak when McDonald left, and felt that the author shadowed McDonald's confusion, discontent so realistically.

Where Smith stumbles, it's where most of the rock and pop culture authors do, feeding us wideeyed accounts of sex and drug usage.
Personally I think these are cheap shots.
I could care less.
At these junctures, the book descends to the t For a fan like me it was very interesting.
Well written and very thorough An uncompromising history of a rock band that had, as percussionist Jamie Muir said, "more than three brain cells.
" The neverending personal and musical clashes chronicled here make it all the more remarkable that King Crimson managed to produce so much excellent music.

Every fan of the band will have his or her favorite passages.
One of mine concerns the aforementioned Jamie Muir, whose tenure with the band was short, but memorable:

(Paul) Wetton and (Bill) Bruford were completely taken aback when they saw Jamie on stage.
Nothing in the rehearsal rooms had given a hint of this.
With obvious affection, Bruford recalls: "He was a remarkable guy and a performance artist as well.
I didn't really understand that percussion was only part of it.
The performance art was another side to him and he wou î In the Court of King Crimson î A very detailed and fascinating biography of one of the great bands, who celebrated their 50th Jubilee last year.
This is the revised edition which came out last year, and is indispensable for anyone who likes King Crimson.
Great bio of the band, carefully researched, The author gives a song by song analysis of every album, from the beginnings of Giles, Giles & Fripp up to their latest material (late 90s).
I was fortunate enough to find this book at my local library, it's a bit pricey if you want to buy it, don't really know why.
Fripp is a musical hero of mine, but I've always thought he's a bit obnoxious and this book perfectly illustrates why, but without this obnoxious side, King Crimson wouldn't have been as great as they are.

Great book, any Crimson fan would enjoy.
Great book.
5 stars if it had an index and simple discography, family tree.
One of the great ironies about my relationship with my favorite band is that I first "discovered" King Crimson nearly a year after they dissolved in 1984.
As such, my initial education came from listening to the band's albums.

In the internet era, I began to learn more and more.
But Sid Smith's excellent volume puts things in order for me.
I knew a lot of what was covered in this book.
But there was also plenty to read about that I didn't know.

My only gripe has nothing to do with the author or his work at all.
He stopped the book just as Crimson was preparing to record "The Power to Believe," released in 2003.
As that release is probably my favorite since "Discipline" in 1981, I would have loved to learn more about the process that went into that album.
But if I am reading my blogs correct Definitely not a quick read, but a really in depth look at one of my favourite bands in it's various incarnations.
Ever reinventing itself, King Crimson is an absolute stalwart of the Progressive Rock world and with good reason (whether Fripp likes the term or not).
Sid Smith does a fantastic job with chronicling the band from it's barest beginnings up through 2003 (and we know it's gone through more changes since).
Besides the historical meanderings, he has a wonderful way of describing music that is almost indescribable, in the final section, the "Annotated Gigography," which doesn't cover every single date, but certainly covers a lot of territory, quite vividly.
Decidedly a wonderful book for lifelong Crimson fans.

I w Having followed King Crimson since 1969 I ploughed into this book eagerly & was not disappointed.
In some ways it's as uncompromising as their music.
Although the author is a fan he is most definitely not a fan boy & criticizes where he sees fit.
It's a pity the book stops just short of their final (so far) studio album The Power To Believe, for me their best ever.
King Crimson is a bunch (several bunches) of serious musicians led by a serious curmudgeon who have constantly created serious music for the serious listener; with a couple of playful diversions into Cat Food territory.
They have never toured Australia but I did get to see the Adrian Belew & Tony Levinled Crimson ProjeKct this year & it was truly awesome.
Fripp has recently formed yet another new Crimson, minus Belew but with 3 drummers (including Porcupine Tree's Gavin Harrison).

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