This is a fairly charming non chronological account of a life, told in 26 chapters, each headed by an A to Z of place names from that life Perhaps its main message, in the words of one of its characters, is that this like any other is just one version of a life.
Great book to finish the year with Beautifully crafted with 26 chapters, it traces through the alphabet in place names which concern the main character, Pietro Russell, half Italian It s a lovely story and although it leaps through time periods, it really works and you don t lose sight of Pietro even though it travels through generations I really liked it.
Events Of Pietro Russell S Life Are Told InChapters From A Z, Each Chapter Is Set In A Different Place And Reveals A Fragment Of His Story As His Memories Flicker Back And Forth Through Time In His Search For A Resolution To The Conflicts Of His Life, His Story Gradually Download Epub Format ✓ A Fool's Alphabet PDF by ✓ Sebastian Faulks Unfolds I loved Birdsong and Charlotte Grey so I was really disappointed by this book It started wel,l but quickly became dull The concept was good but the tortured central character was selfish, unsympathetic and boring It really dropped off before the end, instead of answers or character development we got a chapter on how much he liked David Copperfield The final chapter was comically bad self indulgent.
↠´ A Fool's Alphabet Ñ There is nothing wrong with this book but it just doesn t soar to some of the places you expect a Sebastian Faulks novel to soar to.
The mechanism for delivering the book is interesting 26 places, introduced alphabetically, where a different piece of mosaic making up the life of Pietro Russell is introduced But don t be thrown by the device it doesn t add, but nor does it detract, from the book as a whole.
For a book which time shifts so easily, and which shifts narrative viewpoints fairly regularly, the plot is reasonably easy to follow There is no great sophistry to it, despite the apparent sophistication of the mechanism.
Maybe what disappoints most is the main protagonist himself usually in a Faulks novel, you find yourself totally engrossed in the main character, whether you like, loathe or are just fascinate I ve only recently discovered this author, this is the third book of his that I ve read Each one is different, all good, beautifully written, nothing banal.
I m a big fan of Sebastian Faulks and would count Birdsong as one of my favourite books but this book failed to hold my attention Comprising 26 alphabetically headed chapters, each one the name of a place significant to Pietro Russell, the protagonist, the novel time shifts throughout Pietro s life I found this confusing at times and struggled to remember what age he now was This might be because I was listening to the book and was thus unable to go back and check details but it meant that I never felt the steady flow of the work Pietro also comes across as an unfinished character, neither good nor bad, strong nor weak, and I didn t engage with him at all There was a fair bit of informative description Paris Metro names and history place names, etc and I felt that these distracted from showing the dep

This novel reads like a commentary to a scrap book of sorts, with long descriptions of random pictures presented to us alphabetically as fragments of his life s memories.
This budle of excerpts is uninteresting and badly researched It often felt like amateur writing Anyone who knows anything about post war Italy would know that in Sorrento in 1958 the last thing you d expect to find in a local resturant is typical northern dishes such as risotto, chicken and chips and tiramis Sadly, the book does not even work as a biography, since Pietro s character is not developed You never get the feeling that you are getting to know him better as his memoirs unfold I read this book to the end hoping that it would somehow suddenly surprise me, redeem itself and live up to Birdsong, but to my disappointment it did not.
Given up on this Don t often do that and usually enjoy his stuff Dull characters with no real sense of being invited to care about them.
Arranging a story via place names in alphabetical order is a bit of a gimmick and, although Pietro s story does emerge, the shifting time periods, presumably necessitated by the imposed requirement to follow an alphabetical order of place names, do cause some confusion I found myself referring back to previous chapters to see what had come before and what after the one I was reading.
Towards the end of the book there is a reflection on the alphabet which casts some light on the genesis of Faulk s tale I quote The alphabet was the means by which a place became articulate Without a name, it was nothan a collection of buildings or a natural landmark But although places were given this access to articulacy, their single utterance was void of meaning Even names whose derivation was clear, like Newtown, did not reveal the character of the

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