It s life changing I mean to discover the true nature of oneself the ultimate goal that this book has taught me I learnt to contemplate and know how the mind works in mysterious ways I feel quite confident in my spiritual path I recommend it for every spiritual seeker.
I am loving this book It s easy to read and yet sort of exhausting mindfulness requires so much energy, somehow This book brings me peace and I like its format, laid out like scripture chapters and verses a nice replacement for those of us who have left organised religion.
Decades Of Martial Arts And Meditation Practice, Peter Ralston Discovered A Curious And Paradoxical Fact That True Awareness Arises From A State Of Not KnowingEven The Most Sincere Investigation Of Self And Spirit, He Says, Is Often Sabotaged By Our Tendency To Grab Too Quickly For Answers And Ideas As We Retreat To The Safety Of The Known This Hitchhiker S Guide To Awareness Provides Helpful Guideposts Along An Experiential Journey For Those Western Minds Predisposed To Wandering Off To Old Habits, Cherished Presumptions, And A Stubbornly ¸ The Book of Not Knowing ↠´ Download by ï Peter Ralston Solid Sense Of Self With Ease And Clarity Ralston Teaches Readers How To Become Aware Of The Background Patterns That They Are Usually Too Busy, Stressed, Or Distracted To Notice The Book of Not Knowing Points Out The Ways People Get Stuck In Their Lives And Offers Readers A Way To Make Fresh Choices About Every Aspect Of Their Lives, From A Place Of Awareness Instead Of Autopilot From The Trade Paperback Edition Ralston, P 2010 The Book of Not Knowing Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness Berkeley, CA North Atlantic books Paperback, 581 pp.
, 24.
95 ISBN 978 1 55643 857 8.
Reviewed by Nicholas E Brink, Ph.
, Clinical PsychologistWho am I What is the self What is consciousness Peter Ralston explores these questions and other related questions, but he recognized that he cannot provide answers to these questions because the real answers can only come from a person s personal experiences Thus this book does not attempt to provide answers but expands upon these questions and provides a contemplative avenue for readers to experience their own answers A person s conceptual self or self concept likely includes misconceptions inherent in the teachings of our cultural institutions of family, schools and religi ✓ The Book of Not Knowing É The format of this book is laid out in such an accessible way for such an unaccessible subject matter Ralston gives the reader plenty of time to come to terms with the topic and argument of understanding for each chapter and even outlines helpful meditation and contemplation exercises to drive the points home Though I found it to be often repetitive, it seems it s the author s style to repeat any argument or idea several times in several different ways to clarify to the best of his ability a subject extremely difficult to communicate I recommend it for anyone looking to deepen their understanding consciousness from a different perspective I will have to reread this book multiple times As he, of course, highly recommends in his later chapters in order to comprehend every aspectfully.
It s not difficult to think of a child s imaginative play as a conceptual activity, but we don t usually consider that everything we perceive as adults is subject to a similar ifsophisticated system of conceptualization In fact, one difference between adult and child is that the child islikely to recognize that he s the author of his fantasies He might get annoyed when his world of make believe is interrupted, not wanting to admit that he isn t really Superman, or that his magical energy beams may indeed not be all powerful, but when called to dinner he knows it s time to return to the real world As adults we are far less likely to do so By the time we reach adulthood, much of what we know actually falls into the category of make believe but we don t recognize it as such Having thought this way for as long as we can remember, we take it for granted that our beliefs a The Tibetan concept of Skandah, which means groupings , is a framework that explains how a person generates his or her individuality, or ego And from a Buddhist perspective, fixation on ego is at the heart of suffering The highly abstract theory of Skandah is unintentionally made faraccessible, in my opinion, by Peter Ralston s The Book of Not Knowing While Ralston never ties the ideas in his book directly to Skandah, his detailed, step by step approach in guiding the reader through the process of recognizing and addressing the complications of self greatly clarify the Tibetan Buddhist concept Don t be put off by the 581 pages of The Book of Not Knowing Ralston s writing is very conversational, and the pages fly by Highly recommended.
this is one I have recently read, and will be currently reading for a long time

This is the book that everyone should read And I mean it literally, EVERYONE This is the most no bullshit guide to reaching highest states of consciousness that I ve ever read.
You will have to read it multiple times to wrap your mind around the concepts that are being spoken in this book But just reading the book won t be enough You ll know why after reading it.
Read this book and you ll know what you should do in order to understand things that are beyond your mind, beyond survival, and beyond your self.
The book of returning to the simple state of nothingness This is a direct guide to your true nature of existing, from nothing, to the whole essence of just being The term not knowing is a start to understanding the world we live in by simply and effortlessly just living Ralston explains step by step the profundity of how our community, thinking, reasoning and everything we know externally, determines our reality Returning to a state of complete joy and fulfillment is what every human being is in search for, and here Ralston tells us that this state we are in search of is located deep within our conscious mind, we just need to learn how to let go of all our perceptions and begin to contemplate how not knowing is the beginning of it all Knowing can be useful, but learning not to know creates a powerful openne

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