This is one of India s banned books it was banned in 1927 by the British The book publisher Mahashe Rajpal was even stabbed to death in retaliation Readfound a very old PDF But, I was disappointed with the content None of the controversial facts in the book are new for today s Internet age generation Book focuses on Prophet s marriages and often those to children One Google search will take you to Prophet s marital history That s it, that s what this book has It is still banned Can t imagine.
Arya Samaj Trolling the enemies of Hindus since 1920 D

Excellent book to understand the evolution of Quran and Islam, it makes it easy to understand the behavior of Prophet Mohamed by bringing into the light incidents and action which shaped his understanding of the world and contemporary society.
This book depicts various instances throughout the life of Muhammad.
But what I personally liked about this book that it not only tells but also proves that Muhammad was sexually abnormal.
In today s world he surely fits the definition of Pervert A man of age 53 marrying a girl of 6 and consummating polite term for having sex at age of 9 is not a prophetic but perverse act.
Small book written in very humorous language Really educating about the founder of Islam religion of peace A good book to see other side of islam ↠´ रंगीला रसूल (رنگیلا رسول) ï Must read book to enlighten without any prejudice.
This book gives glimpse on the life of muhammad Book focuses on Prophet s marriages and often those to children I don t know why this book is still banned There was nothing controversial The publisher of the book was even stabbed to death by man named Ilm ud din People should read it so that they can judge the book.
Rasul Or Rangeela Rasool Meaning Promiscuous Prophet Was A Book Published During A Period Of Confrontation Between Arya Samaj And Muslims In Punjab During The S The Controversial Book Concerned The Marriages And Sex Life Of Muhammad originally Written In Urdu, It Has Been Translated Into Hindi It Remains Banned In India, Pakistan And [Pandit Chamupati M.
] Ç रंगीला रसूल (رنگیلا رسول) [international-relations PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö Bangladesh Oh no

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