I have this book in Audiobook format and on my Kindle This is a book that you can read listen to several times.
It goes quite deep into the AI topic while being extremely easy and entertaining to read listen to I highly recommend this book not only to techies but to anyone interested in the Artificial Intelligence topic, how this research area is evolving and how a future with AI could look like.
Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Crime, War, Justice, Jobs, Society, And Our Very Sense Of Being Human The Rise Of AI Has The Potential To Transform Our Future Than Any Other Technology And There S Nobody Better Qualified Or Situated To Explore That Future Than Max Tegmark, An MIT Professor Who S Helped Mainstream Research On How To Keep AI Beneficial How Can We Grow Our Prosperity Through Automation Without Leaving People Lacking Income Or Purpose What Career Advice Should We Give Today S Kids How Can We [Max Tegmark] ✓ Life 3.
0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence [human-capital PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Make Future AI Systems Robust So That They Do What We Want Without Crashing, Malfunctioning, Or Getting Hacked Should We Fear An Arms Race In Lethal Autonomous Weapons Will Machines Eventually Outsmart Us At All Tasks, Replacing Humans On The Job Market And Perhaps Altogether Will AI Help Life Flourish Like Never Before Or Give Us Power Than We Can Handle What Sort Of Future Do You Want This Book Empowers You To Join What May Be The Most Important Conversation Of Our Time It Doesn T Shy Away From The Full Range Of Viewpoints Or From The Most Controversial Issues From Superintelligence To Meaning, Consciousness, And The Ultimate Physical Limits On Life In The Cosmos Being new to the Conversation regarding AI this Book gives an excellent overview of where the World is currently at 2018 It was at some points a bit harder to understand without a background in physics and or technology but it gave me a great overall understand Very much worth the read Thank you for the great work ↠´ Life 3.
0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
↠´ If your are interested in future societal and technological development because of the rapidly increasing impact of artificial intelligence, this book is indispensible, especially for young people who might be interested in occupations that will soon vanish.
This is an extremely interesting book No matter, if you like AI or not, this is the book to read It opens the eyes, how far AI already altered our life, and how muchit will Strongly recommended.
Due to the fact of complexity of AI, the book is not easy to digest another proof how well it covers the topic Lesenswert, aber insgesamt sehr ausladend und teilweise langatmig durch viele Details Nicht ganz zu Ende gelesen, weil mich Elon Musk nun gar nicht interessiert.

Ich kann dieses Buch absolut empfehlen, denn es macht richtig viel Spa.
Das Englisch ist sehr leicht zu verstehen und der Autor verzichtet auf bertriebeneFachlichkeit, bzw er erkl rt komplexere Zusammenh nge sehr anschaulich unddefiniert die von ihm verwendeten Begriffe sehr genau Er macht auch klar, woer spekuliert und welche Szenarien wie wahrscheinlich sind.
Ich habe mir vorher nie solche tiefergehenden Gedanken ber das Leben und die Intelligenz,bzw die Definitionen von Leben und Intelligenz gemacht Schon die einf hrenden Er rterungen indem Buch dazu haben meine Denkweisen extrem ver ndert und in meiner Wahrnehmung meinenHorizont bez glich dessen, was ich als m glich ansehe, sehr erweitert.
Aus dem Grund bin ich von dem Buch und dessen Inhalt begeistert.
Forget Big Data that is taken care of by cloud, storage, speed, BlockChain and other technologies.
Look further than Smart Data and discover the world of AI.
Engage in discussing what could happen if AGI arrives in 5, 10 or 30 years and singularity occurs within days Max Tegmark paints a compelling case for urgency

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