This is the second in the Starship Cadet Missions series Once again Ely, Emerson, Braden, and Kale are dealing with the crystalline metalloid ship they encountered in the first book This time it is evendangerous The world Mark has created for this series is great I love the characters and the twists and turns the plot takes The characters have really grown on me in this one I must admit to a real liking for Ely He just can t help himself in talking He is so fun Once again I m unsurprised Mark has managed to get so much time with his characters naked I will be anxiously awaiting these four s next adventure in space.
Ù First Contact (Starship Cadet Missions, #2) î Full Review not bad was pretty good, the only reason that I gave this book three stars is because i hate it when authors say one thing in one book and then say something else in another, it drives me crazy The following is the reason for only 3 stars the last we hear of Commander Okinawa in the first book is that right before the captain says we are at war Ely see s Okinawa in a wheelchair and believes that he is getting better in his own way but in this book he is dead he died on the last mission.
Fun, adventurous action packed, just what I needed Is Easy To Find Keeping It Is Of A ChallengeFirst Contact Is Always Dangerous, But This Time There S At Stake Than Saving The Mandrake From An Alien Threat This Time, The Crystalline Metalloid Ship Ely And The Rest Of His Away Team Encountered In An Earlier Mission Is On The Move Toward Its Nest To Call For Reinforcements Reinforcements Which Will Come To Destroy HumanityOnce Again, Ely, Emerson, Braden And Kale Are Called To DutyYet, As They Enter The Ship For The Ò First Contact (Starship Cadet Missions, #2) ☆ Download by ✓ Mark Alders Second Time, Something Isn T Right Something Dark And Disturbing Lurks Within The Crystalline Walls And It Doesn T Have The Away Team S Best Interests At HeartCan Ely, His Boyfriend Emerson, And Their Friends Escape The Entity, Or Will All Hope Rest On The Shoulders Of Another Strange Alien Race They Must Convince To Help Them First Contact Has Been Made The Trouble Is, What Happens Next

Damn I couldn t even pick a favorite character, they were all really well written and so hot There s a lot of great science fiction packed into this book Another winner

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