Read em allThird in a series of good reads, the story and characters keep the readers interest Along the way, the warning of extreme violence that war against those who want to take away the freedoms of western civilization comes through I do wish someone would proof read for the author There s nothing like a good pair of human eyes to find the errors e apps miss.
As much as I loved the first two books in this series and as much as I like the author and most of his writings, this book just didn t make it for me Schlichter invented a great backdrop to entertain and inform Americans about the dangers of the far left socialist philosophy by presenting an America split into two countries He creatively exploited this plot device in his first two novels So far so good I liked them both So, what does he do in Wildfire He sends his hero Kelly Turnbull to Siberia, The People s Republic and Germany in search of the inventor of a deathly pathogen before it can destroy humanity Turnbull even collaborates with his nemesis in the first two novels, Martin Rios Parkinson All of a sudden, I m reading a cross between The Future ShockIf you are not reading Kurt Schichter the i don t really want to know you and your opinion on everything is worthless.
Kurt Schlichter has come out with the third adventure in the Kelly Turnbull series, and this one is just as much fun to read as the first two.
For those of you who are unacquainted with the series, Schlichter has developed a what if scenario set slightly in the future where the current U.
S splits into two countries due to the ever increasing inability of the Right and Left to have any kind of civil discourse The new USA is composed of the Red States with Dallas as the capital The People s Republic is composed of the East and West Coast along with the Northern Rust Belt states The Red States are a free market, pro gun, pro God nation and home of the Normals The People Kurt Schlicter is always good reading I chose this rating because while this was a funny, madcap read, it s my least favorite of the Kelly Turnbull series Having said that, it was still fast paced, hardcore and a frightening cautionary tale of what our country could become if we don t stop allowing our Constitutional rights to be trampled Kelly Turnbull is the secret agent that we all hope is behind the curtain defending our country from all threats foreign and domestic Don t start this book or this series unless you have nothing to do and no place to be

Kurt Schlichter is probably better known as a political commentator, both in writing and on some television appearances After serving in the United States Army, he took up the practice of law, focusing on free speech issues and similar matters Friends with Andrew Breitbart, he began writing for the latter s Big Hollywod site, offering entertainment industry commentary from a conservative perspective Schlichter was blunt, pugnacious and almost always utterly convinced his point of view was the right one useful qualities for one s lawyer even if not always as beneficial outside the courtroom Schlichter eventually moved on from Breitbart to Townhall, continuing to broaden his focus to include other political and cultural matters The switch saw the quality of his commentary decline, which is not the arc you d expect from someone leaving a Breitbart site Reading any of his co ☆ Wildfire (Kelly Turnbull, #3) À Great addition to the first two in the series A complete look into the future of this country, if something doesn t get squared away As you read on, one can see clearly what is actually happening today with a little added emphasis The left will continue down the road of democrat socializm until they find themselves like Venezuela and other such countries I look forward to book four in the series.
Frighteningly predictive Schlichter has once again managed to ramp up the fear level of a society going politically bonkers No longer paranoia, today s facts and political climate of the far left have proven Schlichter to be all too accurate in his dystopian outlook The third of his Blue Red state novels, is the hammer driving home the proverbial coffin nail read it and weep or fight against it and hope.
Great book, terrible proofreading Great book as was the first two in the series but whoever proofread the book did a terrible job Noticed maybe one error in the first 2 3 of the book which was fine Then it was like they gave up on the end Multiple misspellings or complete wrong words Great story and writing but next time proofread the whole book.
Came People S Republic, Then Indian Country Now, Kelly Turnbull Returns, Locked And Loaded, In Wildfire Blue America Teeters On The Edge Of Chaos And Collapse, But That S Not Ex Operator Kelly Turnbull S Problem Any Until He Is Called Out Of Retirement For A Crucial Job In Siberia That Turns Out To Be A Deadly Trap Now Turnbull Must Go Deep Undercover Inside The Crumbling People S Republic S Secret Police Force To Stop A Jihadi Threat That Could Kill Millions In Both Red And Blue Trailer ä Wildfire (Kelly Turnbull, #3) PDF by ä Kurt Schlichter America Working Alongside His Sworn Enemy, He Has To Put His Trust Where He Always Has In His Instincts And His Automatic As His Bloody Campaign Of Revenge Takes Him From Mexico City To Germany To The Bowels Of The Urban Jungle Of The Abandoned Pentagon Where, MACIn Hand, Kelly Turnbull Faces His Deadliest Enemy

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