This really is kind of a dull book, which is surprising given the beautiful art and the usually strong writing one would expect from Gillen The story follows a bunch of grown up losers who suddenly find themselves returned without explanation, really to the fantasy land they were once lost in as children, while playing a Dungeons and Dragons type game originally, there were 6, but only 5 found their way back and the sixth has now become the Grandmaster of this fantasy land and must be defeated, blah, blah, blah It s all pretty dour, and boring, and not very much fun, which is just about the exact opposite of what a book like this should be to grab readers The real draw here is the artwork by Stephanie Hans.
Pr v jsem do etl n co, na co nejsem u komiks , kter b n tu, zvykl Kdy u jsem se rozhodl p e st n co jin ho ne Marvel a DC, dlouho jsem hledal co to bude Cht l jsem n co nov ho, n co nestandardn ho a zaj mav nakreslen ho Proto je DIE jasn volba mus m se p iznat, e m k tomu hodn nahypovany KN a K.
Kv z plus je t ty bo covery Co se t e p ilb hu, tak do toho jsem byl opravdu vyt hnout hned od za tku Ka d postava je dob e napsan a interakce mezi nimi jsou opravdu hodn dobr Prakticky po ka d m issue jsem byl nahypovan na dal I vedlej postavy se mi moc l bily, t eba trpasl ci s kter mi bych el klidn Mana jedno P jde mi, e z porak zde vlastn nen , nebo j ho jako zaporaka nevn m m Se teno podtr eno 5 tomu d v m taky proto, e je to m j prvn komiks mimo Marvel a DC, bohu el The Wicked The Divine Writer Kieron Gillen Teams Up With Artist Supernova Stephanie Hans WicDiv, Journey Into Mystery For Her First Ongoing Comic Die Is A Pitch Black Fantasy Where A Group Of Forty Something Adults Have To Deal With The Returning, Unearthly Horror They Only Just Survived As Teenage Role Players If Kieron S In A Rush, He Describes It As Goth Jumanji , But That S Only The Tip Of This Obsidian IcebergCollects Issues Of [ Pdf Die, Vol.
1 ↠´ young-adult-romance PDF ] by Kieron Gillen ↠´ Die Man, I just couldn t get into this one So let me say I never played DnD and never really wanted to It s just not my thing This series is basically if DnD became a reality and you had to survive it So years ago a bunch of kids get sucked into this DnD world Once there horrible things had happen and they come back to the real world a few years later Then a time skip happens, they all become adults, and get sucked back into the game The tale begins to flip flop from the past, the present, and a little in between Nothing is interesting though Everything is explained to you but none of it is remotely fun The dower storytelling makes this a bore, with dread all around but none of it at all interesting The fights are kind of cool thanks to the art, but even the art is filled with depr ✓ Die, Vol.
È Really stunning all across the board The art is stylistically interesting and really lovely to look at despite the detail work it feels very smooth and dreamy The story itself hits me right where I live, so to speak A bunch of teens in the 90s play an RPG that transports them into the fantasy world, and when they emerge they aren t the same When they return as adults it s evenfraught I loved the world building and game work that went into this, as well as this being a story about gamers that was so clearly written by someone who has been a part of that culture Brooding and dripping with regret, rooted in fantasy tropes that have been twisted enough to be fresh, and meditative on the nature of fantasy and collective reality I really loved this collection and look forward toRead as single issues.
I enjoy Kieron Gillen S writing style Some things were a miss for me butthings that I ve read were really good and I consider myself his fan Stephanie Hans was a new face for me and art wise this is a really stylised artist who knows how to make an impact.
First two issues were wonderful The third was interesting The fourth was interestingand the fifth was home run Gillen crafted here a really compelling story with overlapping elements that are not visible at first glance Elements from DD have a brutally beautiful spin on them Grieff Knight , characters act reasonably parents act as parents and maniacs seem to flourish where there ismadness.
Art helps this book to stand out Every page is like a painting and there would not be so good comic without Han s art Her faces are sometimes a little bit off but that is nitpicking Colouring her art with Die is a fantasy with a standard theme RPG players get sucked into their fantasy world It s good, in large part because it twists the genre just a bit, with our players returning to their fantasy realm in their adult lives, twenty years after they escaped And it s got fantasic art But we ve seen the core idea before, often to good effect in stories like The Guardians of The Flame, The Realm, and the DD cartoon For that matter, the idea itself is a twist on an older fantasy trope going back to Narnia and Oz.
But what makes Die truly great may only be perceptible to actual RPG players themselves, because it s obvious that Kieron Gillen is one of their number Die references, twists, and ultimately deconstructs any number of roleplaying tropes, from the whole idea of a Fantasy Heartbreaker as referenced in this title t

Kieron Gillen s latest, with its apparently simple premise of Whatever happened to the kids from the old Dungeons Dragons cartoon afterwards , is not a comic about which I can pretend any sort of objectivity There s the usual reason of having known him on and off for longer than I care to quantify, sure But on top of that there s the fact that a couple of years back, I was the first playtester for one of the classes in the RPG within the comic, which soon enough will be available as an RPG outside the comic too And Gillen being Gillen, it s both a viable DD stand in, and tweaked to stand as a commentary on RPG tropes So I got to be the guinea pig for the Fool, described in the comic s backmatter as the casual player s class, and played within the comic by probably the least likable character of the lot All of which I m somehow managi I feel like Gillen has dropped the ball here Die has a brilliantly simple premise that mixes Jumanji, IT and Lord of the Rings With Gillen s usual writing style, it should have been a fun ride with jaw dropping twists, sharp snappy dialogue and fantastic characters Instead, this series has been nothing but a depressing, over narrated slog There are too many characters and none of them are likeable or interesting The story is too complicated, and the world building is so over engineered and overthought that it really gets in the way of the actual story With each issue Die left meandconfused, frustrated and sad, and that s not what I m used to expect from Kieron Gillen comics the guy is one of my favourite writers, after all The only good thing to come out of Gillen s convoluted world building here is s This will be one of the best books of 2019, mark my words Gorgeous art, gripping story, awesome and relatable characters, perfect world building and a lot of fantasy pop culture references and jokes This book has everything.

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