well , i should say i loves all kanana minami's manga she is my best mangaca but this manga not the best one for me , in the first time i read it i thought i will give it the five star but finally i gave it only 3 three .
that's for some reasons .
firstly : it is so long without more exciting events , new one .
secondly : the girl in this manga always being raped :\ and his boy friend have no problems with that .
whatever i still want read more for kanana minami's manga <3 Please note that this review is for the entire series, not just the individual volume.

I picked up RenAi Shujou Shugi when I was in the mood for some smut.
I go through these genre cravings, where I have to read somethingsmutty, horror, fluffyand essentially marathon it for a couple days to get it out of my system.
I got everything that I was looking for in this series.
There is romance and fluffy moments, some psychological elements, and above all lots of sex.

The main couple are very cute.
I thoroughly enjoyed how the author went about building their relationship.
As with most smut manga, they end up together really fast and then it's just the matter of them fighting obstacles to stay together.
The love they have is adorable and their sex is hot stuff.
I liked that the boyfriend wasn't portrayed as some possessive, machoistic jackass as with most manga like that was the first time i ever read something like that Zum Inhalt:
Die High SchoolSchülerin Seri ist wild entschlossen, während des Sommers einen Freund zu finden.
Dafür hat sie auch mit ihrem geliebten Karate aufgehört, denn sie glaubt, dass starke Mädchen nicht gut ankommen.
Doch dann trifft sie zufällig ihre erste große Liebe Tamaki wieder.
In der Grundschule haben die beiden zusammen Karate trainiert.
Falls Seri einen Kampf gegen ihn verliert, muss sie, wie versprochen, sein „Spielzeug“ werden.
Ob die beiden als romantisches Liebespaar zusammen kommen?

Das Cover finde ich richtig niedlich und es macht definitiv Lust, mehr über die Geschichte zu erfahren.
Zu sehen ist hier die Protagonistin Seri, welche frech lacht und einen hippen Mix aus schwarzrot karier EPub, レンアイ至上主義 1 By Kanan Minami This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book レンアイ至上主義 1, Essay By Kanan Minami.
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This is a good manga, however, it annoys me to no end how often the MC gets nearly raped and not once tried to use her Karate skills to defend herself.
Not only that, but nobody thought about trying to report the harassment from the students, etc to the school or police?? Ugh.

The male MC though is a good guy and I wish the two of them had better communication skills (though in his defense the female MC is a bit of an idiot who never listens to him when he says to be careful of other guys).
Also, though I expected this to be heavily more mature it was definitely still a WTF moment whenever they had sex or foreplay in the school and the dojo and the library and the millions of other random places these two seem to find that would only happen in a Oh lord, this is hurting me.
The cringe level is very high.
Don't disappoint me Kanansensei.
Ñ レンアイ至上主義 1 Ö This was surprisingly.
not creepy.
Which isn't to say that it doesn't still use so many of the tropes that shoujo manga really needs to do away with, but despite his predatory moves, Tamaki does seem to be aware that he's not acting like a good guy and takes steps to rectify that.
A glance through the next volume doesn't give me a ton of hope for the rest of the series, but maybe I'm being dramatic.
Blerg reading just for curiosity's sake I completed reading the series from 18 I just couldn't find them here

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