A really touching play that examines loneliness and how we might hate or have doubt in parts of ourselves An American girl of asian descent, her mother, and her uncle try to connect to someone different people and the tragedy is that they do, but then they lose them tenderly However the deepest heart wrenches of the evening come in the form of a wig and some bandages To saywould spoil the delicateness of the play read it.
What a great play that needs to be produced today I saw this play a few years ago on the best play lists, among titles such as The Pillowman and Hamlet I m currently doing research on it since my university is doing it next Spring I am happy that they took my suggestion.
This play analyzes isolation that exists in bum fuck nowhere towns What I find really interesting is the Asian American perspective on this These identities feel out of place, but they find love or what they lack in their life in unconventional ways I relate to this play A lot It s simply amazing what Julia Cho has captured and shown to American audiences about Asian Americans I am so excited to work on this play.
Blondes Are Disappearing From Her Strip Mall Covered Suburban Town, But Fourteen Year Old Panny Is Concerned With Surviving Adolescence Raised By An Unbalanced Mother Who Thinks The Perfect Birthday Gift Is Plastic Surgery, And A Shy Uncle Who Spends Most Of His Time Painting Miniatures, Panny Is Afraid She S Hopelessly Different Thanks To A Fortuitous Misdial, She Strikes Up A Phone Friendship That Seems To Be The Connection She S Been Longing [Julia Cho] Ë Bfe [zen PDF] read Online à For However, She Soon Finds That Out In Bfe, Aka The Middle Of Nowhere, Anything Can Happen And Usually Does There s something about this play that pains me Is it the realistic interpretation of societal beauty that plagues everyone who isn t white Is it the murders of young girls Is it the tragic ending where nobody gets their happy ending Or is it the main characters realization that she isn t pretty and giving into that belief by changing her looks Reading this play, I wanted to cry and scream, but I could do neither Bfe touches a bit too close to me and makes me feelhopeless than I did at the beginning Though I say this, Bfe is singlehandedly the best play I ve read in years and is one I would most definitely want to see on stage All the characters in this play are realistic and show the genuine struggles of humans in this modern era.
Julia Cho is able to grasp the ever desolate landscape that is being a 14 year old girl on the outside of Caucasian Blonde Beauty ideals Though there are a few lost symbols in the piece, the main character, Panny, is able to mildly explain or completely jump over the meaning of those lost articles All in all, it is a gripping play that is both tragic and comedic in it s own right.
I really wanted to like this play Unfortunately I just found it wacky and lacking in substance I felt like it skimmed over so many issues and so many relationships that I really didn t emphasise with or connect with characters on any level Maybe it s a play that is best read slowly and absorbed so I will try giving it a 2nd go.
à Bfe ✓ I LOVED READING THIS IN PLAYWRITING Was one of the only ones that stood out, that ending though

Funny, sad, poignant Unbearably sad Cho writes with a quick clarity that unfolds plot points so they inflict maximum damage Surprising and inevitable in turns.
This is one of the most painfully honest books I ve ever read, that hit too close to home.

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