This is a good dracula halloween book to read.
Kauhuelokuvista pit v ll Sam pojalla on mieless n suuri toive Lokakuussa on kuitenkin viel liian aikaista kirjoittaa joulupukille, mutta koska Halloween on aivan ovella, niin yhteytt h n voi ottaa esimerkiksi kreivi Draculaan.
Lapsille suunnattu kustantajan suositus takakannessa on 6 vuotta kauhusarjakuva Dear Dracula on ihan vinke luettavaa, vaikka humoristinen lopputwisti saattaakin aikuisesta tuntua v h n liian tutulta Lyhyen kestonsa ansiosta sarjakuva voisi toimia esimerkiksi neen luettuna ykk s kakkosluokkalaisille pyh inmiestenp iv n alla.
Loves Scary Movies, Especially The Ones With Dracula This Year, Instead Of Writing To Santa For Christmas, Sam Writes To Dracula, Telling Dracula That He Wants To Be A Real Vampire On Halloween This Year Sam Is In For Quite A Surprise As The Most Famous Of All Vampires Himself Responds, In This Fun And Fanciful Romp Through A Young Boy S Imagination, Drawn In An Engaging Style That Will Delight Young And Old Trailer ó Dear Dracula PDF by ó Joshua Williamson Alike I recently saw the movie made from this book Obviously they added so much to the movie and took away a few things the book is pretty good for its target audience tho.
↠´ Dear Dracula » What would it be like to be a real vampire Sam, who watches Dracula at the movies, is really curious about the answer and thinks he wants to be a vampire He writes a letter to Dracula, who shows up at his house to explain all about what being a real vampire is like Do you think Sam will become a vampire like Dracula read this book to find out.
This was remarkably bad Let s overlook dull dialogue like, I like snow Me too and get straight to the heart of the matter.
Here s how I understand it Sam loves Draculathan anything else, but he doesn t know that vampires drink blood, sleep in coffins, and are unable to see their own reflections UmAnd then in the end, when he learns that maybe being a vampire isn t so great It s nice just being a kid What exactly am I supposed to glean from that Two stars for the art.
Fun children s book in which a boy obsessed with Dracula writes to his idol who pays him an unexpected visit Sam learns that maybe being a vampire isn t as much of a good idea as he first thought.
Short and sweet.
Sam liked movies with vampire named Dracula He decided one day to write count a letter and to his surprise his wishes come true and count made him very happy no blood just fun and games between boy and vampire charming and funny.

4 1 2 stars I loved this story I know I m not the intended demographic when it comes to Dear Dracula but I found this to be a touch too corny I am of the belief that adults should be able to enjoy a children s book seeing as they will likely be requested to read it at least a dozen times.

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