Magnificent Color Illustrations Of The Elting books Make Extensive Use Of Surviving Eyewitness Sketches And Accounts, And Show How Widely Most Armies Of The Time Made Use Of Captured Or Improvised Equipment The Glories Of The Austrian, Prussian, Russian, And British Armies, As Well As The Smaller German States Are All Gathered Together Here In A Single Work For The First [ Pdf Napoleonic Uniforms õ kigali PDF ] by John R.
Elting ☆ Time È Napoleonic Uniforms È What a superb book This first of four volumes covers the entire spectrum of French military uniforms from the royal uniforms of pre Revolutionary France to the most elaborate Hussar costumes of Napoleon s Grande Armee There are over 400 illustrations all very high quality The paintings were done by Herbet Knotel, a German artist who worked from contemporary manuscripts and the uniform regulations themselves to produce accurate drawings Elting Knotel s watercolors are without a doubt the best interpretations of military costume I have seen, of any era Of particular notice are his horses, whose likenesses and poses are incredibly lifelike Knotel s skill is such that the figures aren t merely cardboard cutouts, but instead real men whose spirit and dress has been captured and immortalized in these pages Okay, perha

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