Being CAE CFE myself I totally enjoyed this book from start to finish What a refreshment it is for main heroine to be Internal Auditor.
My favorite quote Not that we want fraud to occur we just want to be the ones to discover it After all, so much of internal audit work is tedious and mind numbing, and the notion that you might identify something worthy of a Law Order episode provides enough incentive to prevent heavy drinking or suicide Can not wait for follow up.
First I would like to thank Net Galley and River Grove books for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I really enjoyed every part of this book The action started from the beginning and had me coming back fortill the end Tanzie Lewis had recently been left and divorced by her rich husband Winston and went from a Country Club life to living pay check to paycheck supporting herself and trying to get her life turned around all at the age of 52 She not only has been gain weight with her lifestyle upheaval but she can t seem to get her professional in line with her standards of what she thinks it should be at this point in her life She is being forced to work for man who aren t nearly as smart and are only half her age She begins to audit the Bishop Group on her own time and things start to come together and she compiles a mass of d A special thank you to River Grove books, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Joanne Fox PhillipsREVENGE OF THE CUBE DWELLER, is an engaging tale of one tenacious middle aged woman s adventure in the corrupt corporate world, a whistleblower uncovering misdeeds of fraud packed with humor, drama, sass, wit, and delicious revenge Tanzie Lewis was living the life of everything Houston glitz and glamour has to offer, as the wife of a successful oil executive, with the highlight of her days competing in the country club golf championship, or lunching with her rich friends.
When her cheating husband threw her aside for a younger woman and the stock market took a dive, Tanzie was left at age 52, m I received this book as part of Goodreads First Reads giveaway.
Overall it was good It s the story of how after a pipeline explosion in Houston Tanzie investigates her present employer s involvement She does this because apparently corporate security is really lax at her company and she claims everywhere else and she has a job as an internal auditor so it s literally her job to snoop around I will note how unlikable everyone is Tanzie s coworkers are incompetent sexists though we re not intended to like them Her friends are shallow and obsessed by golf and calorie intakes And Tanzie herself She s on the good guys side but personally she s vapid, vain, shallow and arrogant And the fact that she sees being Christian or conservat Lewis Used To Have It All The Stylish Wife Of A Successful Oil Exec Utive At The Top Of The Houston Social Scene, She Used To Spend Her Days Playing Scratch Golf Or Lunching With Friends At The Club That Was Before She Was Dumped In Favor Of A Beautiful Younger Woman And The Global Financial Crisis Wreaked Havoc On Her Divorce Settlement Now, At , Tanzie Finds Herself Depressed And Alone In Tulsa, Watching Her Waist Size Grow And Her Professional ✓ read Í Revenge of the Cube Dweller by Joanne Fox Phillips à Opportunities Shrink, Working As A Minion For Clueless Bosses In The Internal Audit Department Of The Bishop Group So What S A Girlie To Do Snoop Taking Advantage Of Bishop Group S Security Weaknesses, She Begins To Unravel The Intricate Warp And Woof Of Corporate Fraud, Manipulation, And A Cover Up That Enrages Her Avenging The Death Of Innocent Houstonians After A Massive Pipeline Explosion, And Uncovering Her Own Hidden Talents For Sleuthing And Cleverly Tampering With The System, Tanzie Dishes Out Her Own Justice To Get Even And To Get A Little Something For Herself

Give it time This book may be slow to get going but by the end you are right with Tanzie in her quest to take down her employer This is a classic bad guys get what s coming to them She has some extra motivation from the beginning We get a glimpse of what her life was life when married into the rich and famous lifestyle We are angry on her behalf when she is confronted with not only her past but her replacement Tanzie s antics may be unethical but they produce positive results She wades in with caution but remembers her purpose Oh the ending makes the book She has found her place in the world.
What a refreshing book to read I found Tanzie to be easy to relate to not because we share life experiences, but because she seemed so real She was an average, flawed woman Not flawed in drastic ways just normal everyday ways She was really honest with herself This book was written in first person and sometimes I find that perspective to be shallow Phillips writes very well and really drew me in to the story By the time I finished the book, I had forgotten there was a subtitle to the book It was left open for there to be other Tanzie Lewis books and I certainly look forward to readingIf you are a fan of Kinsey Milhone, you ll like Tanzie Lewis Ö Revenge of the Cube Dweller ð I thought this was a really fun read with an original plot The main character is a middle aged woman trying to reinvent herself after a bad divorce It is humorous as it addresses serious themes, such as sexism, environmental ethics and fraud I thought the best theme throughout this book is how people rationalize their actions The Bishop brothers rationalize their cover up just as Tanzie rationalizes her unethical behavior This book will have strong appeal to people who have worked in offices, particularly accountants and business executives.
Tanzie is an intriguing character that has courage and grit She has suffered some serious setbacks in life yet rallies Joanne Fox Phillips has created a gutsy character in Tanzie.
I found the plot interesting, although I would have preferred a bit less backstory and detail about the inner workings of the oil industry Overall, I would recommend Revenge of the Cube Dweller to anyone who enjoys a strong female character who beats the odds in life.
Title Revenge of the Cube DwellerAuthor Joanne Fox PhillipsPublisher Greenleaf Book GroupPublish Date 2014Buy Link 4 bookmarks Book Blurb There is a worst case scenario calculation that, to my horror, estimates the dollar value of each life potentially lost that could be netted for insurance recoveries should an explosion occur 74 Review by Nicole HarmonThis book was a not so bad read full of information in certain aspects of environmental disasters and the side of one of the investigators, Tanzie Lewis, who was formerly married to her husband, Winston Lewis and who lived a life of luxury until he decided to turn her in for a younger model Their married life was the norm for those in their set Up and coming, nice house but no kids Winst

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