Rich Girl  4.
5 starsYou know how some books give you the feels Right off the bat you re invested in the characters, routing for them, hoping they ll get their Happy Ever After Well that s how this story made me feel I m not going to rehash the plot, but will say the first encounter Dawn had with Ricarda s mother, was as horrifying as it was humorous My jaw dropped and then I laughed The Oliver family were despicable I like that the story featured a virgin The intimate scenes sizzled and were tastefully done My one quibble is the story ended too soon I d love to read a full length novel with this cast of engaging characters.
This was an eeeeeeh book It had good parts, but they didn t really outlike the bad parts It was kinda cute, but also very stereotype lesbian story I dont like those very much So why still 3 stars The cute parts were really cute Also, still a short story So no high expectations But now I really want to read a normal size story Enough short stories for me.
Considering this is a short story, I didn t expect much when I picked it up, but i m still kinda disappointing with the story My review is gonna be harsh so sorry about that, but I hope any future books will be improved1 The characters are two dimensional, there s no character development even tho I can see the storyline present itself the opportunity to do so, but I guess it failed flatly2 I cannot see any chemistry between the two main characters, and they seemed to only attract to each other purely through physical appearance3 Their dialogue seems kinda fake The only good point is this story have HAPPY ENDINGS 3

Awwww Oh my goodness this was an amazing story It was the mushiest true love story I ve had the pleasure to read in far too long This is a very sweet coming out story with the drama that can come with it Dawn and Ric are Dawn are easy to love and have the worries people in real life have Something that is rare to find I laughed and cried and then when the HEA came I just sighed contentedly Everything was wrapped up so nice and neat and well, just perfect I strongly recommend this tale Thank you so much Ms Arling Short and sweet When does YA end and New adult begin This story of young twenty somethings is a lesbian girls fantasy Imagine toiling away at your grocery checkout job and meeting a Rich Girl who, thanks to you, comes out to her parents who promptly disown her You are there to pick up the pieces and end up making sweet music with the girl of your dreams Sometimes it s nice to read a nice light romance.
, Approximate Once Upon A Time, There Was A Rich Girl Who Got Kicked Out Of Her Father S Mansion Because She Couldn T Care Less About Knights On White Horses Instead, She Wants Her Happily Ever After With Another Woman With Dawn, A Cashier At The Local Supermarket, To Be Exact Rich Girl Is A Fairy Tale Without Fairies, But With A Villain, Not One But Two Damsels In Distress, And A Helpful Sprite [Joan Arling] ✓ Rich Girl [london-underground PDF] read Online ↠´ No Princes, No Dragons, But Cash Registers And Guitars

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