Excellent stories I m a big Disney fan and have read fairly extensively about Walt but these were all new to me, which was nice because much of the information out there about him is the same stuff over and over I enjoyed the short story format that the book is laid out, which makes for nice easy pick up and go reading Also, I liked the stories and quotes from folks who knew and worked with Walt and theirpersonal tone Overall, I m pleased with my purchase and would recommend the book to other interested in Walt Disney.
History At Its BestNo One Knows Disney History, Or Tells It Better, Than Jim Korkis, Who Presents An Inaugural Set OfStories From His Vault Of Walt Whether It S Disney Films, Disney Theme Parks, Or Walt Himself, Jim S Stories Will Charm And Delight Disney Fans Of All AgesThe Best Selling Vault Of Walt Series Has Brought Serious, But Fun, Disney History To Tens Of Thousands Of Readers In This, Its First Volume, Former Disney Cast Member And Master Storyteller Jim Korkis Weaves His Home Ö The Revised Vault of Walt: Unofficial Disney Stories Never Told (The Vault of Walt) ✓ Download by ó Jim Korkis Spun, Entertaining Tales, From The Early Years Of Walt Disney To The PresentStep Inside The Vault With Jim To Hear About Warner Bros Animator Chuck Jones Hated The Four Months He Worked At The Disney Studio Because The One Job He Wanted He Couldn T Get Walt SRenie Bardeau, Disneyland S Chief Photographer, Who Took Shots Of The Famous And The Powerful Who Visited The ParkFBI Chief J Edgar Hoover S Increasing Distrust Of Walt Disneyand Walt S Growing FBI FileThe Unlikely Collaboration Between Walt And Surrealist Painter Salvador DaliHow Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev Threw A Tantrum When He Wasn T Allowed To Visit DisneylandDiscover These And Many Other New Tales Of Disney History, As Only Jim Korkis Can Tell Them, In The Vault Of Walt Volume Then Be Sure To Check ALL The Volumes In The Vault Of Walt This is actually two reviews in one one review for everyone who does not already own the original Vault of Walt that was published back in 2010 The other review is for those fortunate people who still own the original book First, to everyone who does not own the original book this is a very special Disney book that is written by the most knowledgeable Disney historian I know Jim Korkis I have read many of Jim s numerous articles on all facets of Disney history, his various other books, and have seen several of his video presentations in front of live audiences Jim presents his information with fact, humor, and style Unlike some other authors of Disney books, Jim does not let any bad experiences as a former employee of the Disney Corporation creep into his writings or live prese ¹ The Revised Vault of Walt: Unofficial Disney Stories Never Told (The Vault of Walt) Ú I m old enough to remember Walt Disney I can remember watching the first telecast of Disneyland where he tours the new park and talks about his ambitions for it and his show on television I wanted to be on the Mickey Mouse Club, and looked forward to watching everything branded with the magic word, Disney So, for me, this book revives a good many wonderful memories of a man and a company that helped make my childhood fun Korkis has set out to introduce the man who dreamed, planned, and directed the creation of animated shorts and features, live action films, and places that have inspired and entertained people for around 75 years.
He s achieved this goal well I highly recommend that you spend some time meeting Mickey s father.
I first picked up this book at my local library but really wanted a copy for myself and I have been minimizing and what was better than adding it to my Kindle I found this book to be one of the most interesting book of short stories that is truly a hidden gem of Disney I started reading on story they are all short and then I was done with it and I just had to read the next one and the next one because each was so interesting If you are looking for that extra different stories you have not read before this is the book for you to read I have a long time dream of working for Disney and these stories could make me stand out and be interesting stories for a VIP tour guide.
Im giving it 4 stars because the stories and history are really great However, that is all that s carrying this book The editing is atrocious There are places where the author has said something and then repeats the exact paragraph on the next page There are other places where he tells us something, then quotes someone s interview with the exact information We don t need it twice.
I really enjoyed each story, so I looked past the glaring editorial fails I might even buy book 2 for the same reason, but if poor editing annoys you, maybe give this a pass.
On the plus side, I can t recall any typos, just bad writing style and editing.

Not sure why this has unofficial unauthorized and or uncensored in the title to be honest It s the honey coated extended stories about WD that are widely known and have been published before Maybe not to such detail, but there s nothing new to it The foreword says it all read this until you re able to buy the revised PRINTED version of the book later in the year I m a huge Disney fan in general and do like Walt a lot for everything that he s done But what is called unofficial, unauthorized and uncensored in this book is beyond me It s uncritical and just as well be the official, authorized and censored disney story I loved this book.
Walt was so funny.
The story behind aristocats was interesting and I am glad I got to read about in this wonderful book.

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