Oh, where to even start with this oneThe story is told from the perspective of Pilate s wife, Claudia Procula, though H.
D wanted to use Veronica as the wife instead Having visited a seer, Mnevis, Veronica turns her life around and attempts to convince her husband to release Jesus Pilate, of course, ignores her words and her warnings.
As H.
D admits openly in the first page or so, this is not a new story that she tells Her point was to take a woman from the Bible that is mentioned almost in passing and give her a place in the story It s happenedandrecently The Red Tent, The Penolopiad, etc , but for being written in the twenties it was not as common to tell a primarily man s tale through the eyes of a woman As a feminist text H.
D s story can rock it a bit , though it has littlegoing for it than that.
D had difficultie Ù Pilate's Wife Ù I thought it was a realistic view of life during this period.

Pontius Pilate S Wife Is Beautiful, Brilliant, And Weary Of A Life Spent In Her Boudoir And The Roman Court When One Of Her Lovers Sends Her Disguised As A Servant To A Seer, She Feels Suddenly Alive, Experiencing Sudden Pre Visions Of Inner Splendor The Seer, Mnevis, Arouses The Artist, The Dreamer In Her, Eventually Telling Her Of A Jew, A Love God, Who Believes Women Have An Important Place In The Spiritual Hierarchy What Follows Is A Chain Of Events In Which Veronica Commits Download Epub Format ✓ Pilate's Wife PDF by ↠´ H.
The One Genuine Act Of Her Life, Offering Jesus A Way Out Before His CrucifixionThis Revision Of Biblical History In The Tradition Of D H Lawrence S The Man Who Died And Kazantzakis S The Last Temptation Of Christ Is Not Just A Novel But Part Of The Ongoing Dialogue About The Feminine And Divine Pilate S Wife Was Written By HD In , Revised In , And Is Now Finally Published By New Directions, Edited With An Introduction By HD Scholar Joan Burke It Is A Testament To Alicia Ostriker S Claim That, Among The Women Poets And Novelists Of This Century, HD Is The Most Profoundly Religious, The Most Seriously Engaged In Spiritual Quest

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