Fans of The Godfather and Casino will enjoy this book JFK assassination buffs will want to read this book Fans of old Hollywood and old Las Vegas will want to read this book A lot of celebrities make an appearance in this book including Presidents and Popes Can a movie be far behind What can I saydon t fuhgeddaboudit not reading it Gianni Russo drops a lot of names and yes he admits it He dishes the dirt on the Mafia, Politicians, Celebrities andA great book for conspiracy theorists Either way Gianni Russo s life and times are a very interesting read.
This book seems to me an ego driven project It s hard to believe this is not a fiction story The author has mentioned in interviews that he has 11 children but only 2 are mentioned in the book Many of the people he writes about are no longer alive to validate or dispute his book.
He writes of his own criminal activity very matter of factly.
I m on the fence as to how much to believe of this book.
A whole lot of Hollywood, Mafioso and I guess one could say, so I shall international intrigue There s Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando Frank Costello and John Gotti Iran, the Vatican and Pablo Escobar Mix all that together along with a little bit of childhood memories and you get Hollywood Godfather For the most part, Gianni Russo and Patrick Picciarelli put together a damn entertaining yarn Like many of the other reviews, I found a few pieces of the story a bit hard to digest Honestly, some of Russo s history just seems too damn incredible to believe, but what do I know Maybe his life has played out exactly as he s put it down in this book If that s the case, this man has had one hell of an adventuresome existence Been blessed with ten lifetimes rolled into one An After seeing Gianni Russo interviewed on the YouTube channel Valuetainment, I HAD to pick up this book.
While most of the stories in the interview were also in the book, I still found myself fascinated and so drawn to the experiences of this man on paper that I couldn t put this book down JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, John Gotti, Frank Costello, Pablo Escobar and The Catholic Church Is there anything Gianni Russo wasn t there for One tiny nitpick is how many times the author would introduce a topic only to say but I ll tell you about that later I also found that the chronological order of the stories was very confusing, especially towards the end.
While that s a shame, this book is a MUST read for anybody who is curious about the mafia, politics, drug kingpins or organised crime Do not put this aside You ll be left Russo seems to use a bit of hyperbole in this biography.
Over The Top Memoir Of A Real Life Mobster Turned Actor Who Helped Make The Godfather A Reality, And His Story Of Life On The Edge Between Danger And GlamourGianni Russo Was A HandsomeYear Old Mobster With No Acting Experience When He Walked Onto The Set Of The Godfather And Entered Hollywood History He Played Carlo Rizzi, The Husband Of Connie Corleone, Who Set Her Brother Sonny Played By James [ read Online Hollywood Godfather ô contemporary PDF ] by Gianni Russo Ü Caan Up For A Hit Russo Didn T Have To Act He Knew The Mob Inside And Out From His Childhood In Little Italy, Where Mafia Legend Frank Costello Took Him Under His Wing, To Acting As A Messenger For New Orleans Mob Boss Carlos Marcello During The Kennedy Assassination, To Having To Go On The Lam After Shooting And Killing A Member Of The Colombian Drug Cartel In His Vegas ClubAlong The Way, Russo Befriended Frank Sinatra, Who Became His Son S Godfather, And Marlon Brando, Who Mentored His Career As An Actor After Trying To Get Francis Ford Coppola To Fire Him From The Godfather Russo Had Passionate Affairs With Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minelli, And Scores Of Other Celebrities He Went On To Star In The Godfather Parts I And II, Seabiscuit, Any Given Sunday And Rush Hour ,among Many Other Films, And Also Acted As Producer On Several Hollywood Godfather Is His No Holds Barred Account Of A Life Lived On The Edge It Is A Story Filled With Violence, Glamour, Sex And Fun ✓ Hollywood Godfather ✓ Wow, Russo has stories for days From some of thewidely known stories and conspiracy theories to some lesser known but easily verifiable with a Google search Although there was some exaggeration here and there, the stories he tells are largely true those that can be verified, that is Things like money laundering through the Vatican Bank, if true, is likely only known by those involved I wondered about how safe it was for him to tell some of these stories, even with many of the players long gone Considering this is the mob, you never know who might want to avenge their family s name that they feel has been besmirched Regardless, Russo now appears, at this late stage of his life resigned to whatever his fate in life may be To that end, he seems committed to redeeming the time by doing charitable work and encouraging others to d I enjoyed this book , much to my surprise I found some things completely unbelievable, but I realized growing up in a Philadelphia New York environment these things are possible and have happened in our neighborhood So it s probably true accounts of what goes on The Kennedy family stories shocked me, but I have read a lot of dirt on them The author speaks of them as trash , worse than the mob,the drugs, deception, girls, and killers Who knows Overall, I liked this book and I do believe him regarding the making of The Godfather in New York.
My grandparents who grew up in this era of Italian mobsters and memorized every word in The Godfather movie, would have loved this read, I wish I could have shared it with them WOW TRULY AMAZING AND A FOR REAL PAGE TURNERLike to say, when you re reading a good no, Damn Good book you don t want to finish it and unfortunately I finished this book in two and a half days It was very hard to put down At first, thought the author might have been exaggerating a bit but after googling some of the claims, I became a believer of Mr Russo This book is a history lesson on so many different exciting topics Now I would love to go out and have a beer this writer Best 15 investment in a long time.

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