What an amazing book from Forsyth The breath taking moments that happen with the Lead character Mike martin who does the spying job for the British in Iraq occupied Kuwait and ruthless streets of Baghdad to clinch the astonishing secrets of Saddam s Mindset to war and victory and also the revelation of the possibility of Iraq possessing Qubth ut allah or simply The Fist of God which is a Nuclear Bomb if engaged could change the Fate of all the Arab Nations.
The link up of Mike Martin and Jericho a double agent was fabulous and it escalates the tension and curiosity to a heart stopping level as they had to work in an extremely confidential way so as to avoid falling into the hands of diligent and dexterous Hassan Rahmani counter intelligence and The Fist of God is a wonderfully tense, highly readable thriller on the First Gulf War Forsyth carries his readers into the intrigue of the Middle East, and inside the minds of the decision makers in their headquarters in Washington, London, Baghdad, and Saudi Arabia Frederick Forsyth uses his excellent journalistic way of writing brief, effective descriptions, dialogue that is actually interesting, well chosen settings, and a wonderful mix of fictional drama and real life to effortlessly carry the reader into a world that is as exciting as it is intelligent A top notch geopolitical thriller.

The first few chapters of Forsyth s Persian Gulf War espionage thriller are a little wooden stock characters, cliched dialogue but once the plot is established and takes over, that s all you care about I m not one who likes the blending of fact and fiction in these types of novels, and I was constantly googling to see what characters were invented, whether Iraq actually did have a nuclear weapon in 1990, and how Scuds compared to the al Husayn missiles There are some brutal torture scenes Not everyone lives to see the end of the book With the exception of Margaret Thatcher, its female characters don t come off well Its twisty turns, particularly at the end, make it a slightly above average thriller.
One of my favourite books on earth I love the character of Mike Martin and the strange coincidence of events that occur.
The Gulf War and invasion and liberating of Kuwait.
The Fist of God is a 1994 novel mixing known fact with fiction to tell a story of the coalition forces in the Persian Gulf War racing against time to discover the true nature of Saddam Hussein s secret weapon, The Fist of God 1931 Before this Kuwait was the 19th province os irag Saddam wanted it back Iraq s propaganda was that Kuwait had takenthan its share of the oil from the shared Rumailah oil field.
Irag also owed Kuwait 15 billion they has loaned Iraq during its war with Iran Iraq invaded Iran in 1980 1988 The Al Sabahs were asking for repayment.
Saddam was called The Rais by his loyals.
Saudi Arabia has the biggest oil fields in the world Kuwait is second.
Oleg Vladimirovich Penkovsky, codenamed Agent Hero Rus I picked this up in a charity shop in Scarborough in late July 2013 If you like FF he never lets you down The military James Bond Odds stacked against The nature of the detailed writing and the techniques deployed to build suspense, evolve character and occasionally shock delivers, as always, and I ve read a handful of his work, the un put down able novel Icon Avenger The Day of the Jackal France, The Middle East, Russia He s the master of the genre And he s at it again here in the thick of Saddam Hussein s Baghdad.
↠´ The Fist of God ↠´ I read FIST OF GOD years and years ago before I knew of Goodreads, and therefore, before I wrote reviews However, I did keep a computerized spreadsheet of books read with ratings I imported the books and my ratings into Goodreads Even without my review, my recollection of a few outstanding books remain it is usually the Frederick Forsyth s novels which are branded in my mind as remarkably unforgettable along with Ken Follett and the early Nelson DeMille novels I give few 5 stars, even to Mr Forsyth, but this one is so outstanding and richly deserves it One of the best books he wrote It contains a lot of side information that makes it very 3 dimensional and believable.
Westerse Inlichtingendiensten Hebben Er In De Loop Der Jaren Alles Aan Gedaan Om Te Voorkomen Dat Irak De Beschikking Zou Kunnen Krijgen Over Wereldbedreigende Wapens Talloze Malen Werden Verdachte Transporten Onderschept Maar Nu Zijn Er Steeds Meer Aanwijzingen Dat Saddam Hoessein Desondanks Een Ultiem Vernietigingswapen Heeft Weten Te OntwikkelenAls In Brussel Dr Gerry Bull Wordt Vermoord, Hebben De Geheime Inlichtingendiensten Van Zowel Amerika Als Engeland En Isra L Het Overtuigende Bewijs In Handen Dr Bull Was Niet Alleen Een Briljante Wetenschapper, Maar Tevens Download Epub Format ✓ The Fist of God PDF by ✓ Frederick Forsyth S Werelds Beste Wapenexpert, Van Wie Algemeen Bekend Was Dat Hij Voor Irak WerkteDe Conclusie Wordt Pijnlijk Snel Duidelijk Saddam Hoessein Beschikt Over Een Verschrikkelijk Wapen, Dat Wordt Aangeduid Met Qubth Ut Allah, De Vuist Van God De Wereld Staat Aan De Vooravond Van Een Niet Meer Af Te Wenden, Allesvernietigende Oorlog La superabundancia de datos t cnicos militares ralentiza una trama por lo dem s interesante El saber el final de la historia no ayuda al inter s, claro Me gusta, en general, como escribe Forsythpero aqu creo que se enloda demasiado con la documentaci n militar Muy recomendable para grandes forofos del armamento militar Y muy muy muy documentado.

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