originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Mimi KoehlerTime Of Our Lives follows young Juniper and Fitz who are both about to graduate, with very differing future perspectives Fitz fears college and everything that it encompasses mainly leaving his mother who s diagnosed with early Alzheimer s Fitz is running against the clock, trying to figure out a way to make his mother understand why he wants to stay close to home, while she s trying to get him to consider colleges farther away and to live his life without worrying about her Juniper s the exact opposite She is constantly reprimanded by her argumentative aunt, always somehow in trouble for what her younger siblings get up to, Juniper can t wait to get as far away from home as humanly possible When Junip Look, one day I ll write a piece on what constitutes addicting, memorable reads, or maybe even how hard it is and what it takes for a fervently anticipated book to live up to the hype you ve built for it, and when someone asks me to name an example, I ll pelt them with copies of this book and tell them to see what I m talking about for themselves.
I ve made it no secret that I ll pick up anything this author duo writes Ever since I sneak read IF I M BEING HONEST 2019 back in early April of last year instead of studying for AP exams I loved it AND did well, so it was a win win, okay and picked up ALWAYS NEVER YOURS 2018 over the summer before college, I ve been solidly hooked I admit I have a special relationship with these books You know those old 2000 s Disney shows Not their finest cover but I love the title I love the old title evenAs Forth We Go unfortunately I am not het enough to fully enjoy this kind of romance but family vibes » As We Go Forth ☆ I received an ARC from Penguin Random House Canada in exchange for an honest review After reading Emily and Austin s first book, Always Never Yours, I was enchanted by their writing and storytelling I m not sure if Time of Our Lives is based on another Shakespeare play like their first two books but I still enjoyed this one for what it represented.
Once again, I find myself reading a book targeted to a very specific group of readers in an age group This book will definitely resonate with you if you re in the awkward window where you re planning to go to University college and whether or not you want to branch out, move to another state, or stay close to home In Time of Our Lives, we meet two highschool seniors from different c So excited forof this duo Boy Desperate To Hold On, A Girl Ready To Let GoFitz Holton Waits In Fear For The Day His Single Mother S Early Onset Alzheimer S Starts Stealing Her Memory He S Vowed To Stay Close To Home To Care For Her In The Years To Come Never Mind The Ridiculous College Tour She S Forcing Him On To Visit Schools Where He Knows He Ll Never Go Juniper Ramirez Is Counting Down The Days Until She Can Leave Home, A Home Crowded With Five Younger Siblings [ Pdf As We Go Forth Ó zimbabwe PDF ] by Emily Wibberley â And Zero Privacy Against The Wishes Of Her Tight Knit Family, Juniper Plans Her Own College Tour Of The East Coast With One Goal Get OutWhen Fitz And Juniper Cross Paths On Their First College Tour In Boston, They Re At Odds From The Moment They Meet While Juniper S Dying To Start A New Life Apart For Her Family, Fitz Faces The Sacrifices He Must Make For His Their Relationship Sparks A Deep Connection In Each Other S Eyes, They Glimpse Alternate Possibilities Regarding The First Big Decision Of Their Adult Lives Time Of Our Lives Is A Story Of Home And Away, Of The Wonder And Weight Of Memory, Of Outgrowing Fears And Growing Into The Future I love this book, I love this book, I love this book, I love this book Add this to your TBRs, read it, love it I m Wibbroka s biggest fan Full, coherent review hopefully coming soonish ADD this to your TBRs My Blog Drizzle Hurricane books Twitter Bloglovin I received and early copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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