In the eight months since Battleworld, Cyclops has died somehow, somewhen, by possibly someone the suddenly lethal to mutants Terrigen Mist might ve got im In his wake are a gang of mutant idiots wearing Cyclops masks calling themselves the Ghosts of Cyclops, causing havoc wherever they appear It s up to the teenage time displaced All New X Men including the young Cyclops to stop them Not enough Cyclops mentions in this paragraph CYCLOPS Wow, it s tough to be an X Men fan these days, especially since their two main titles this one and Extraordinary have some major suckitude going on The Ghosts of Cyclops are a joke nobodies with lame powers and no goals who may as well be wearing signs saying Filler They re just meaningless targets for the X Men to fight Just like Blob in the second half of the book who sh This surprised mebecause I actually liked it Mark Bagley s art was as winning as it always is Dennis Hopeless has taken the original X Men along with Oya and Kid Apocalypse and sent them in a new direction, road tripping around the world Hopeless has a good handle on the characters and their voices The Ghost of Cyclops are a bunch of college kids using Cyclop s memory as an excuse to rebel the latter half of the book features a battle with Blob.
In this post Secret Wars X Men relaunch, the teenage versions of the original X Men from an alternate universe and they say comics aren t accessible to new readers have found themselves a combo Mystery Machine TARDIS and hit the road.
I love these guys and am happy to have Wolverine join the gang I love me some Laura I m less keen on the addition of Evan and Idie there just doesn t seem to be much reason for them to be there at least Laura has a reason to join the team, in that she s going steady with Warren I m quite upset that Jean s left the team, too.
In this volume, our protagonists face off against a group of wannabe mutant terrorists who have styled themselves after Cyclops and then go up against a seriously powered up Blob.
I quite enjoyed the ride, particularly the dynamic between Laura and Warren I also really liked Hank s self doubt due to his knowledge of s It s a bitbearable than Extraordinary X Men, but not by a lot Where Extraordinary focuses on the implausibly long list of bad things currently happening to mutants, All New focuses instead on smaller,personal issues So while Storm is fretting about the mass sterilization of mutants, Hank is realizing that he isn t quite so impressive when his knowledge base isthan a decade out of date But because every single character is experiencing some sort of personal crisis Scott is dealing with the legacy of his future self, Bobby is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, Warren and Laura are having relationship problems, you get the idea it s nearly as overwhelming as it is in Extraordinary Pickles the bamf is the only character who isn t going through some sort o ↠´ All-New X-Men: Inevitable, Volume 1: Ghosts Of Cyclops ó This was okayish Which is a shame because I like Dennis Hopeless writing a lot usually So this starts off interesting enough The death of cyclops At the time this was release nobody knew what happened to one of the most famous mutants ever Just that he was dead Now the Ghost of Cyclops a group of kids trying to be radical mutant group decide to hurt regular people At the same time Cyclops, young cyclops, is trying to stay out of the spotlight and be his own person Of course that isn t going to work Then we have a couple of subplots about Laura and angel relationship and bobby dealing with being gay Good Some fun dialogue between the characters at points I still really enjoyed the Laura and Angel moments even if a bit silly but least entertaining Bad The art is kind of wonky I think the fights were prett The All New X Men have formed up a new team Jean Grey has left to live a normal life Evan aka Kid Apocalypse and Oya have joined Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel, and the former X 23 current Wolverine Laura Kinney Cyclops has set off on his own quest going after The Ghosts of Cyclops a group that revere the recently deceased present day Cyclops Meanwhile this group of young adults has their share of challenges.
I m not a fan of Cyclops in general He always seemed a pompous brown noser and one of the best things I had seen was him doing his revolution business prior to his passing He was still pompous, but he was at least honest Despite my general feelings I feel terrible for past Cyclops Traveling to the future and learning you tu Than Ever, Hatred And Fear Has Made The World A Dangerous Place For Mutants But As The Few Remaining X Men Retreat Into Seclusion, A Handful Of Mutant Teenagers Refuse To Allow Their Destiny To Be Decided For Them And No One Is Concerned About Their Fate Than Scott Summers, Whose Young Shoulders Must Bear The Heavy Weight Of The Terrible Acts Committed By His Adult Counterpart Cyclops Is Joined By Three Of His Timetorn Teammates Beast, Iceman And Angel As Well As The [ Pdf All-New X-Men: Inevitable, Volume 1: Ghosts Of Cyclops ó abandoned PDF ] by Dennis Hopeless å All New Wolverine, Kid Apocalypse And Oya Together, They Re Heading Out On The Highway, Looking For Adventure, Intent On Writing Their Own Futures But When They Encounter The Baleful Blob, Their Road Trip May End Before It BeginsCollecting All New X Men Hier zun chst meine alte Review W hrend ein paar durchgeknallte Nachwuchsmutanten sehr zum Unmut der X Men, allen voran der junge Scott Summers, die normale Bev lkerung als Ghost of the Cyclops terrorisieren, hat Angel emotianal damit zu tun, dass X 23, die jetzt Wolverine ist, als Anti Team Player sich dauernd von Kugeln durchl chern und verbrennen l t Und schlie lich bekommen sie es mit dem Blob zu tun.
Bendis Run der ALL NEW X MEN hat mir gut gefallen, aber wie Hopeless den Faden aufnimmt, gibt mir nicht viel Weder Story noch Artwork haben mich wirklich angesprochen, mehr als ein it was ok ist da leider nicht drin.
Beim zweiten Lesedurchgang hat mir Dennis Hopeless Auftakt sehr viel besser gefallen Im Grunde geht es hier weniger um di This latest volume is really awesome The dynamic of Laura and Warren s relationship, Bobby struggling with his sexuality and this new girl Idie questioning her faith all make for a rich story with some real character depth The pop culture references about Twitter, Snopes and Ronda Rousey are all very well received also.
BUT, the absolute BEST part of the whole thing is my new favorite BAMFPickles this was hellacious to read, cringe worthy dialog, no back story and wtf is laura and warren s relationship

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