Other reviewers have made all the essential points I ll just say that I read this book cover to cover which I had not expected and it really expanded my horizons as a whisky lover, inspiring me to try and compare new styles If you buy whisky, you will be spending your moneysensibly and discoveringabout the drink if you have spent some time with this book.
This is not an in depth analysis of whisky producers or styles For that I would recommend adding Tasting Whiskey by Lew Bryson to this text for a better evaluation of styles and regions This text alone serves as a wonderful, though broad view of the world of whisky There are sections on whiskies from Taiwan, South America, Australia, and so many other places where whisky is produced though gladly the text devotes little to these regions other than a mention of a few producers and a look at the region No, instead this book focuses on Scotch, Bourbon, Japanese, and Canadian and US whisky other than Bourbon I found that the section on Japanese was just right while I think Scotch and Bourbon could have usedpages That being said ã The World Atlas of Whisky: More Than 200 Distilleries Explored and 750 Expressions Tasted Ö I wouldn t say I am anywhere near an expert in whiskey or whisky , but I do know a thing or two I found this book to be very informative and overall enjoyable to read It would be good to have if you own a bar, as you could enlighten guests with some knowledge about where the specific drink is from, or how its made, or the history of the brand Would recommend to any enthusiast.

I bought this book as a 2017 Christmas present for my husband He loves going out with his son trying different brands of very expensive scotch 35 50 for a rock glass shot I thought it would be nice if he was educated on the history and types of scotch, etc.
, to help narrow down his selections when he went out Well, my husband loves the book for all the reasons I gave it to him and for the photography as well I recommend this book for discriminating drinkers in your life it s muchthan just an interesting looking coffee table book.
The pictures are beautiful The details in the information are fascinating The organization and quantity of information are impressive I wish there were books like this about other things Such a perfect gift for my husband.
Il libro in se molto bello, purtroppo assolutamente infruibile nel formato kindle un pdf che sullo schermo di un telefono illeggibile Peccato.
A Guide To Over Two Hundred Distilleries Around The World, Covering The Offerings Of Each And The Five Different Z Bflavor Camps Y B Of [Dave Broom] ↠´ The World Atlas of Whisky: More Than 200 Distilleries Explored and 750 Expressions Tasted [medicine PDF] Ebook Epub Download Á Whiskey

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