These stories are meant to be read aloud, and some parts are so lyrical one is tempted to speak them, just to hear the words Great, inventive style, which takes a four star content up to five stars for originality.
Seeing Clay perform these stories live is even better than reading them, but they still do extraordinarily well on the page He s writing in a style that is all his own, and yet carries the weight and resonance of the great masters So few writers today are able to pull that off Definitely read this one Edgy, Darkly Humorous Short Story Collection Will Take Hold Of Your Imagination And Won T Let Go Sharply Tuned, Haunting, And Darkly Humorous, These Stories Take Readers From The Country Fair To The Suburban Home To The Boy Scout Camping Trip, Flipping Each Stopping Point On Its Head Every Story Begins And Ends With One Voice, And Each Contains A Mystery Or Turn Of Events That Shocks, Entertains, And Frightens And Often All Three In The Title [ read Online Rest Area ½ photography PDF ] by Clay McLeod Chapman ☆ Story, Rest Area, A Father Chats With Other Drivers While He Waits For His Daughter At A Rest Stop She Went To The Bathroom, And He S Been Waiting For Her Ever Since, And Now He S Handing Out Her Picture Have You Seen Her Are You Sure You Haven T Seen Her A Remarkable Combination Of Unexpected Tenderness, Deep Sensitivity, And A Fascination With The Darker Side Of Domesticity, These Tales Of Ordinary People Caught Up In Extraordinary Situations Will Echo In Your Head Long After You Close The Pages Entering Into Its Sixth Year, Clay Chapman S Pumpkin Pie Show Has Established Itself As An All Points Artistic Hodgepodge Of Music, Theatre, And Literature It Is A Rigorous Story Telling Session Backed With Its Own Live Soundtrack, Built Upon The Same Structure As A Rock Band, Complete With Musicians And Vocalists Each Show Consists Of FourMinute Short Stories, Which Can Either Be read Or Performed On Stage Just off the interstate you ll find the familiar places and luckless faces contained in the stories of Chapman s Rest Area Most tales are in second person as though the reader has come upon a rest stop, county fair, or the woods expecting one thing and finding something else, perhaps funny or poignant, but always heartfelt and intimate.
5 instead of 3 These pieces aren t really short stories,like character sketches or variations on thematic obsessions They can be provocative, startling lyric They also verge on repetitive derivative Imagine staying up for days just to read all of Jim Thompson s works in a row you get an idea of how equally interesting tiresome this collection can be.
Oh have mercy I can t believe I forgot to put this one on here read this while in graduate school at the urging of Mary Yakuri Waters So glad I did It s basically amazing.
Rest Area ß I found most of the stories quite disturbing Nothing wrong with stories that make the hairs on the back of your neck raise up, but every single story had something to do with death and or depravity Instead of being entertained I was left with a bad taste in my mouth.
The stories in this book are quite strange They are meant to be performed, which is exactly what Clay does at his shows I love this book because when I read the stories I hear Clay s voice and can see him acting them out.
The book really doesn t do the stories justiceisn t that weird

This was yet another happy accident purchase and what drew me to the book while shopping in the bargain store is its vibrant red cover I ve always been quite interested in anthologies because I believe that the short story is an underrated craft then and even until now I went with my instincts when I bought Rest Area and I was quite pleased with what I got The collection readsas a series of first person and a couple of third persons accounts on fixations ranging from the most ridiculous and disturbing of things The titular story opens with a father who is searching for his little girl when they happened to stop by for some gas and she ended up disappearing from the bathroom The story is terrifying, highlighting parents fear when a child is ripped from them by unseen abductors followed by the agonizing search and rescue and the delay of closu Rest Area leads us through a chain of horrific domestic circumstances experienced by ordinary characters Each story is brittle and shocking honestly labored with unflinching reality The prose is a fusion of rugged language and irony.
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