Cece Bell uses the graphic novel format to tell her own story of hearing loss and the imagination of a child going through it I thought it was fantastic, presenting real issues like how friendships change, the balancing of the best technology with the most comfortable technology, resistance to learning ASL, etc Some of my favorite moments were just in the artistic representations, particularly a few pages on the trampoline And who wouldn t love the character of El Deafo, the superhero who fearlessly confronts the world I felt myself responding very positively but started to wonder how the deaf community had responded That s when I discovered this was a memoir up until then I thought it was just a story , and found this article about how it empowers kids Ah, so good to know I zoo It doesn t take a genius to figure out why I wanted to read this book.
I m not going to show any other picture from the book because I d end up highlighting everything and you d kill me in the process.
So I will post nothing read the book yourself.
This is not the first book about deaf people I ve read but I always got the impression authors have deafness kind of idealized The picture someone has when thinking about deaf people is the person who hears nothing and says nothing and communicates via sign language.
Well, that person may exist But this stereotype is becoming less and less common nowadays I live in a country where the social security provides for your loss of hearing There is a screening test once the child is born, and if an alteration is detected, it has to be studied further If you happen to have an alteration, s My heart is so happy This was absolutely adorable And so informative Find all of my reviews at is the autobiographical story of Cece Bell and her experiences of going to school as the only deaf kid in the class From her own insecurities to people treating her different, Cece found a coping mechanism in the form of El Deafo a superhero with nerves of steel who Cece imagined saying and doing everything she only wished she was brave enough to This is a great book for youngsters Aside from pointing out the obvious fact that people are people and shouldn t be treated different just because they aren t an exact copy of everyone else, it also did a great job of explaining in kid terms exactly how it might make the person who is being treated differently feel It also takes you through all the other trials and tribulations a young in migh Amazing Highly recommend to anyone Great ownvoices deafness representation Loved how childhood friendships were portrayed I think any kid would get a lot out of this story and adults too , be it identifying with Cece s story, or relating to feelings of being different, or understanding their peers.

Our differences are our superpowers Starting and ending the day with a good read will never grow tired on me Starting at a new school is scary, evenso with a giant hearing aid strapped to your chest At her old school, everyone in Cece s class was deaf Here she is different She is sure the kids are staring at the Phonic Ear, the powerful aid that will help her hear her teacher Too bad it also seems certain to repel potential friends.
This funny perceptive graphic novel memoir about growing up hearing impaired is also an unforgettable book about growing up, and all the super and super embarrassing moments along the way El Deafo is filled with all the upheavals and self questioning of Cece Bell s early childhood, from experiencing crushes, pushy b ✓ El Deafo ☆ I am a fan of Raina Telgemeir s graphic novels based on her childhood When she blurbed El Deafo, I knew I would enjoy it.
Cece loses her hearing at the age of four as a result of sudden illness All at once, she has to relearn how to communicate with those around her, including family and friends School turns out to be a bit tricky, since she can t read her teacher s lips at all times Not to worry Phonic Ear to the rescue Cece s Phonic Ear hearing aid gives her superpowers, but it also makes her feel alienated and different, not the easiest things to juggle while trying to make friendsand growing up Sheesh.
I loved the illustrations, details and storyline I was especially moved by her afterword about deaf culture and hearing impairment Definitely worth reading whether you re a kid or an adult I felt different, 3 I liked it stars Reading level 8 12 years but all ages can enjoy After a sudden illness strikes Cece when she is four, she finds herself hearing impaired after recovering Her doctors have given her a device to wear which helps her hear, but it s very noticeable being strapped to her chest and having cords in her ears Over the years Cece faces many trials brought on by her impairment, from being made fun of, to friends wanting to be friends so they can have a deaf friend , to people shouting in her ears and blasting the radio and television This is the autobiographical story of how Cece grew up with little hearing, and how she dreamed of using it as a superpower to help her.
A very funny look at growing up with a hearing impairment As a autobiographical work, the author is able to tell her story of her issues as a young child with a sense of humor about her experiences and doesn t This was so great I didn t realize before reading it that it s semi autobiographical, which was a nice surprise I really enjoyed getting a personal account of what Cece went through and how she felt growing up deaf I highly recommend this book, to people of all ages At A New School Is Scary, Even So With A Giant Hearing Aid Strapped To Your Chest At Her Old School, Everyone In Cece S Class Was Deaf Here She Is Different She Is Sure The Kids Are Staring At The Phonic Ear, The Powerful Aid That Will Help Her Hear Her Teacher Too Bad It Also Seems Certain To Repel Potential Friends Then Cece Makes A Startling Discovery With The Phonic Ear She Can Hear Her Teacher Not Just In The Classroom, But Anywhere Her Teacher Trailer » El Deafo PDF by õ Cece Bell Is In School In The Hallway In The Teacher S Lounge In The Bathroom This Is Power Maybe Even Superpower Cece Is On Her Way To Becoming El Deafo, Listener For All But The Funny Thing About Being A Superhero Is That It S Just Another Way Of Feeling Different And Lonely Can Cece Channel Her Powers Into Finding The Thing She Wants Most, A True Friend This Funny Perceptive Graphic Novel Memoir About Growing Up Hearing Impaired Is Also An Unforgettable Book About Growing Up, And All The Super And Super Embarrassing Moments Along The Way

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