No Netsujou First Limited Edition Special Episode Akihito Needs To Work As An Indentured Servant At A High Grade Hot Spring InnAsami Suddenly Shows Up There And Fei Long Too Fei Long, Asami, And AkihitoforbiddenWay Play AgeExplicit ContentSuggested For Mature ReadersShow Show [Ayano Yamane] ✓ Viewfinder - hard-working cameraman Akihito Takabas Romantic Life As An Indentured Servant [world-of-darkness PDF] read Online ↠´ Less Somehow I d missed this one when reading everything in this series These little Kindle exclusives are short and generallyfun than intense I quite enjoyed this one for a variety of reasons, particularly one of the final scenes And isn t it nice to see Fei Long again beautiful Yamane s Viewfinder series is my favorite yaoi, partly because it is explicit but also because it has a storyline to go with the sex When the manga volumes are released in Japan, they often include a bonus story in a separate perfect bound book This story accompanied Volume 6, so I already had it in Japanese which I can t read so I was delighted to see it released via Kindle with an English translation.
This is essentially a extremely hot interlude that includes Takaba and Asami, but also Fei Long Asami and Fei come to a hot spring spa where Takaba is working off his tab after having his wallet stolen The story includes a very explicit sex scene, and not muchsince this was a bonus short story and not a full volume.
I give the story 5 stars, but must give the Kindle edition only 2 stars For some reason, the transfer causes the pages · Viewfinder - hard-working cameraman Akihito Takabas Romantic Life As An Indentured Servant ç Such a fun little story This really makes me want to try the original series The SM scene was quite nice.
This was loaned to me on Kindle I read it on Kindle Cloud Reader Very nice Thank you , , sexy extra chapert ,, I can t help but love Ayano Yamane s work It s fabulous.
It s a Target in the Finder super short manga story It s alright, but I honestly wish it were published as a part of a manga volume.

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