very simple but has interesting short stories Mainly skimmed this, couldn t bother for it tbh Holmes Is The Greatest Detective Of Them All He Sits In His Room, And Smokes His Pipe He Listens, And Watches, And Thinks He Listens To The Steps Coming Up The Stairs He Watches The Door Opening And He Knows What Question The Stranger Will AskIn These Three Of His Best Stories, Holmes Has Three Visitors To The Famous Flat In Baker Street Visitors Who Bring Their Troubles To The Only Man In The World Who Can Help [Anthony Laude] ê Sherlock Holmes Short Stories [mombasa PDF] read Online Ä Them Once again i amazed with that over great detective, Sherlock Holmes When i read this book, i was scared,the stories are scary, and i was alone in my bedroom But i have got the beautiful sentence, when Watson attacked, Holmes got his tears and Watson realize that Holmes is the best friend he has ever had ✓ Sherlock Holmes Short Stories Í Have read all of Doyle s Sherlock Holmes and probably others as well, just never bothered to put them in toor goodreads, so dates wrong Some KU some paperback some hardback some collections.
Short stories, easy to read.
My Dear WatsonThe greatest detective of all timesSherlock Holmes Reading books which were written a long time ago always make me wonder about that particular period of time For example Did they already have telephones in 18something How did Holmes make a living, charges are only vaguely mentioned, I think Could one earn money by owning property as was the case in Jane Austen times, if I remember correctly Is it What s up with the women I like his stick cane whatever, how did it look, was it made of wood, metal, silver and so on

terjemahan yang ini juga sampah gak jelas.
like all Conan Doyle s story was great.
if you are abig fan of him you would enjoy it i can thousand bet on that.
This was a fun book The short stories are certainly creative, though they sometimes get a bit redundant in that, in good Holmes fashion, details are described and Holmes is the only one who can put them all together It did get me to be a better observer, though I can t quite figure a person out yet by his footprint.

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