Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestThe Silver Kiss was TWILIGHT for the 90s set Simon the vampire is ancient, gloomy, and obsessive Zoe is precocious, alienated, and old fashioned in a way that doesn t really feel realistic for a teenage girl There are differences, of course TWILIGHT isof a traditional love story with vampirism thrown in for lols, whereas The Silver Kiss stays truer to its horror roots and has a grittiness to it that the Mormon housewife penned TWILIGHT lacks drugs, suicide, rape, death, etc Even so, the similarities are hard to ignore and it is difficult to say with certainty that there was no way Meyer didn t read or hear about this book and feel inspired by it.
The Silver Kiss is a surprisingly powerful story in how it handles its difficult themes Death is terrifying and inescapable, and many, many books have been inspired by t Ehhh.
this was a little clumsy, and definitely read like a first novel, but it is apparently a classic of the teen vampire genre I liked some of the dramatic language and scenes, and especially Simon and Zoe s first kiss, but it never really lead anywhere Also, I got totally bored when Simon started telling his origin storyit went on forever.
The Silver Kiss was a beautiful book Very atmospheric and compelling It had a dark tone but also a beauty that was almost timeless Simon is a compelling character that will make a reader fall in love with him, although the truth about what he is always lingers in the back of the reader s mind.
To call this a romance might be an overstatement It has romantic elements that are very appealing and apparent, but it s really a story about coming to terms with death Zoe is having to face the fact that her mother is dying This painful realization is almost too much for her and her father, who is very much in love with his wife, to the degree that Zoe feels that she is in the back seat and forgotten.
Zoe is not a selfish character, but she does have some thoughts and desires that seem selfish But don t we all I lost my father as a g so Twilight saw the light of Hollywood and this one didn t well FUCK YOU HOLLYWOOD FUCKYOU anyways it was a decent quick read with a beautiful clean ending.
definately one of the better vampire novels out there Zoe is wary when, in the dead of night, the beautiful yet frightening Simon comes to her house Simon seems to understand the pain of loneliness and death and Zoe s brooding thoughts of her dying mother Simon is one of the undead, a vampire, seeking revenge for the gruesome death of his mother three hundred years before Does Simon dare ask Zoe to help free him from this lifeless chase and its insufferable loneliness Hmmm after reading Blood and Chocolate, I was expecting this one to be almost as good, but unfortunately, it didn t live up to those expectations There were times I found it a bit tedious, if only because there was less action than I usually like But that s definitely a personal preference as I m not one for theintrospective novels Okay, now I m not saying this was an introspective novel, just that it wasso than Blood and Chocolate It seemed that at times the auth RETO POP SUGAR 2018libro que sea ambientado en la decada que naciste yo naci en el 1994 , mi decada es 90 ha pasado casi un a o desde que lei la marca del lobo de la cual tengo muy buenos recuerdos la pelicula y el libro asi que dije porque no leer otro de annette bueno me dije me serviria para el reto y ya que ultimamente no estoy leyendo por placer ni nada bien puedo hacer dos pajaros de un tiro no la verdad es que no se que esperaba la sinopsis solo decia de una chica que estaba enamorada de un vampiro de 300 a os o 3000 eso estaba raro pero bueno nada mas como algo tan sencillo podria volverse mal el problema radica que esto no es propiamente un libro para mi es como una HISTORIA ya saben un abreboca , una cosita peque a para lo verdadero me gusta tambien las historias pero todo debe ser congruente esto no era para el numero de hojas su libro marca de lob Is Wary When, In The Dead Of Night, The Beautiful Yet Frightening Simon Comes To Her House Simon Seems To Understand The Pain Of Loneliness And Death And Zoe S Brooding Thoughts Of Her Dying MotherSimon Is One Of The Undead, A Vampire, Seeking Revenge For The Gruesome Death Of His Mother Three Hundred Years Before Does Simon Dare Ask Zoe To Help Free Him From This Lifeless Chase And Its Insufferable » The Silver Kiss ↠´ Download by ✓ Annette Curtis Klause Loneliness Ý The Silver Kiss ✓ I hadn t really expected much out of The Silver Kiss because it seems like some people just don t like it all that much I tend to agree with the crowd, but not on this one.
Simon is a three hundred year old vampire, out to avenge his mother s death when he meets Zoe, a sad teenage girl whose life seems to be falling apart The two connect and it s like a Twilight prequel Sort of.
Honestly, there were things entirely too similar to Twilight but this came first, so Twilight is entirely too similar to this And, I admit, the romance wasn t the greatest, but I still felt their connection and that s all I needed The ending made me cry.
And I really liked the short stories included in mine, Summer of Love and The Christmas Cat Without Summer of Love, I don t think I would have liked Simon as much as I did.
Wow My new favorite vampire novel I ve never cried so hard after reading since Deathly Hallows And now, THIS It s the kind of cry where tears and snot mix but you don t care to the point where you can t even see properly because your eyes are flooded with tears and it s 5 am and you re half howling half sobbing in your pillow because you can t stop crying and you re afraid of waking up the entire house and let them find you looking like a mess in the wee hours of the morning And the reason You haven t slept the whole night cause you were reading and can t make yourself stop because you wanted to know what happens in the end, and when you do there you are a sobbing wasted mess.
I never thought I d be touched with a vampire novel after all the trauma I ve gone through since Twilight, but here I am crying my guts out for a dated, old school vampire s

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